Saturday, April 26, 2014


Today's story is about Autumn

Autumn came to us as a 6 week old kitten from our vets office.  She tested positive for FELV.
She was going to be put down because they had no place for her to go.   We were
pretty sure she was not really positive because her whole litter was negative.
Since she did qualify for admittance, (she test positive) we accepted her.

We retested her a few months later with the right test,  and she was of course negative.  Another bad nap test almost cost her her life.  NEVER EVER accept a positive Snap test from a vet,  always INSIST on an IFA test being done!!

Autumn has developed nasal cancer.  She is lucky that it is actually a kind that is curable if caught quickly.  (which we hope we have)  She has had radiation,  and now is doing 16 chemo treatments.  She is handling the chemo well.  The pictures below are interesting.  The radiation changed the color of her hair.

Before radiation

After radiation

You may see her page at

You may watch her life on ustream on Saturdays.
She likes to run the giant wheel :)

Thank you for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Amazon never gives us your contact information so we may 
thank you personally,  but please know how grateful
we are to you for your kindness and generosity to the cats!

Thank you Richard Massingale for the food and scratch and rests!
Thank you Carrie Stark for the crinkle toys!
Thank you Susan Schenosky for the food!
Thank you Heahter Adrion for the play cube!
Thank you Megan Kittelson for the play cube!

Boone with a crinkle toy

                          Thank you Kimberly Friedman-Mowry for the food, sponges and trashbags!
Thank you Kathleen Groux for the trashbags!
Thank you Denise Maehara for the floor cleaner!
Thank you Tracy Sims for the food!
Thank you Crystal Sylvester for the toys and Q-tips!
Thank you Francisco Vera for the clock!

Sweet Angel loves the catnip toys!

Thank you Jakub Tejchman for the floor cleaner!
Thank you Mary Clare Cahill for the foods and toy!
Thank you M. Reed for the food and toys!
Thank you Nigeljude St John for the whack a toy!
Thank you Judith lane for the blanket!
Thank you Deobrah Ball for the food and cleaner!

Penny,  both blind and deaf

A video of Penny with the boxes:

Thank you Carl Weigel for the food!
Thank you Jessica Hegwood for the food!
Thank you Andrew Trovinger for the toys and food!
Thank you Lynn Molitor for the cleaner!
Thank you kathleen Groux for the cleaner and toys!
Thank you Ema Tittensor for the freshsteps!

Honey playing with a catnip puff ball

Thank you Jeff Oglesby for the freshstep and fish bed!
Thank you Ken Koch for the foods!
Thank you Sara Gamberini for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Sharon Woodruff for the ear cleaner!
Thank you so much Michelle Graham for the flovent and albuteral!
Thank you Kaci & Liam & family for the beautiful blankets!

Liam,  isn't he adorable!!!

Some of the beautiful blankets she made!!

Thank you unnamed for the food, floor cleaners, brooms, freshsteps, trashbags, batteries,