Sunday, April 27, 2014


by Jill Anne Sparapany

Bear is one of the favorite characters at Blind Cat Rescue...and Bear is a CHARACTER! He lives in the room with other FIV+ cats (Feline Immune Deficiency Virus). Bear lived in a home with other cats and when his owner passed away, the family didn't know what to do with “all of granny’s cats.” Unfortunately, for cats who are FIV+, adoptive homes are limited and many shelters will not try to find homes for “sick” cats, even though they are not having health problems. A shelter stepped in to get granny’s cats placed and Bear was welcomed at BCR. At first, he was very shy and unsure of the sudden changes in his life. I’m sure granny spoiled all her sweet cats! Now, Bear is one of the first cats to approach you for petting and for his famous “Bear Hugs.” He loves attention and will photo-bomb during webcam tours, gently requesting more lovings. Bear is very gentle and gets along with all the other cats and can be found sharing a bed or blanket with roommates. Bear looks like a little bear cub. He doesn't look like he can run very fast, but everyone will tell you he is very strong and can run extremely fast!

Bear is a Manx cat, a breed that does not have tails. Some Manx cats have rump stumps, some don’t have any stump. Because of the breed’s physical characteristics, Manx cats lack some or all the rear end anal muscles like cats that have tails. Since Bear doesn’t have any rump stump, he doesn't have full control of his anal muscles and needs assistance with rear end maintenance. 

One of the funniest escapades by Bear happened at last summer’s Open House events. I went into the FIV room to visit and take photos of the cats. Bear was nowhere to be found in the room so I went to the catio. Looking in the fenced backyard, Bear and Domino were playing on the lawn! Apparently, they made an escape through the lobby and isolation room into the backyard. I called to Sabrina and couple of the other staff and asked, “What is Bear doing in the backyard?” They ran out to the backyard and, immediately, Bear ran and dove into a bush! Domino ran back inside. Three of them surrounded the bush and knowing he was caught, Bear bolted to the open catio door and into the lobby. As soon as his room door was open, he ran inside then sat looking so innocent! 

Bear and Jill

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