Wednesday, July 9, 2014



Chance came to us from the Wake County Animal Control.  NC law states that if an animal is sick, injured or blind they may be immediately euthanized.  Lucky for him, he landed at a center that tries to find a home for the animals instead of immediately euthanizing them.

He is a nice fellow that loves humans,  not big time fond of other cats but seems to get along with Snicker in the lobby.

We should have named him Jack Sparrow with the beautiful eyeliner around his eyes :)

When he arrived.

A younger chance

All grown up

We are in a charity jump in Raleigh on August 8.  HUMAN Teams will be participating jumping off of a platform 32 feet in the air onto a giant pillow.  The team that jumps the most total feet will win $25,000

You do NOT have to come and jump,  WE will Jump For You!!  We need you to buy tickets for us to jump :)    Here is the link for team Raleigh,  Please Only get them for Raleigh,  we have a HUGE team jumping for TEAM RALEIGH, The HUMANS will jump for you if you can not attend, So you can buy a ticket no matter where you are!   If you are in the Raleigh area and would like to come jump with us,  please email me :)

 Please assign your ticket to us to jump! After you get your tickets click my account, my tickets, assign, type in to assign the tickets. Thank you for helping!!

Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Thank you Donald Scherzi for the case of scratchers!
Thank you James Phelps for the treats!
Thank you Jeff Fidel for the treats and feather wand!
Thank you Melissa Cavuto for the treats and foods!
Thank you Linda Dwyer for the treats and toys!
Thank you Allison Russell for the snake teaser!
Thank you nancy Griffis for the treats!
Thank you Blair Rainey for the toys, food, feather wand and treats!
Thank you Kelly Vest for the hurricane lanterns!
Thank you Ronald Graham for the foods!
Thank you Carolyn Soine for the treats and toys!
Thank you Sherrie Lins for the foods!
Thank you AJ for the foods and treats!
Thank you Jeff Fidel for the freshstep!
Thank you Kelley vest for the freshstep!