Friday, July 25, 2014



Cassie has been with us since 2009.  We were on the way to the vets office and had stopped at the trash dump to drop off the trash  (We live in the country and there is no residential trash pick up) and found her.  We have a managed feral colony there and apparently someone had dumped her there.  She ran from us and got tangled in the fence.  My daughter was shocked to discover this kitten there with no eyes.  Off to the vet with us she went :)

She is still very very shy,  likes the other cats,  humans, not so much.
You may watch her today live on

Thank you for your gifts from our wish list!

Amazon never gives us your contact information!!  We are
so grateful to you for your kindness!!

Thank you Lly Barnes for the Amazon gift card!
Thank you Theresa Mulligan for the catnip, litter and batteries!!
Thank yoU Dennis Esterline for the freshstep!
Thank you Victor Sosa for the cleaner, batteries & cleaning pads!
Thank you Brittany Jones for the catnip toy and food!
Thank you Joyce Toye for the track toy and food!
Thank you Amy Eppler for the food!
Than you Cindy Wertz for the feather wand!
Thank you Debra Barber for the food!
Thank you Sara Rutenberg for the catnip toys and teaser toy!
Thank you Jessica Ross for the catnip toy and food!
Thank you Kim Jordan for the toys!
Thank you to the several unnamed for the foods!

Open house schedule  8/16, 9/13, 10/11, 11/15 noon - 4

Cookbooks are coming next week!!   Watch for our announcement

   We are so grateful to all of your for your caring and support of the blind, FIV+ and FELV+ cats!!! From the bottom of our paws, we thank you!!      

Do you have a ROKU for your TV?   We now are on Roku!!  Check out the Channel store and watch the cats 24 hours a day!   The camera changes to a different room each day,  tours at noon & 3 pm EST
and Thur-Mondays tour at 10pm EST.  Hope you join us!!

Don't forget we are in LOTS of contests right now, 
The prize money would help pay for lots of vet coverage for the cats :)
Thank you so much for helping the cats!!

Contest 1:  $50,000!! first prize,
 1 vote every 24 hours   

Contest 2,  $25,000  first prize 
CHARITY JUMP   We need MORE TICKETS to retake First Place.

We are in a charity jump in Raleigh on August 8.  HUMAN Teams will be participating jumping off of a platform 32 feet in the air onto a giant pillow.  The team that jumps the most total feet will win $25,000

You do NOT have to come and jump,  WE will Jump For You!!  

We need you to buy tickets for us to jump :)    Here is the link for team Raleigh,  
Please Only get them for Raleigh,    we have a HUGE team jumping

 for TEAM RALEIGH, The HUMANS will jump for you if you can not attend, So you can buy a ticket no matter where you are!   If you are in the Raleigh area and would like to come jump with us,  please email me :)

 Please assign your ticket to us to jump! After you get your tickets click my account, my tickets, assign, type in to assign the tickets. Thank you for helping!!

Contest 3,  $1,000.  first prize
Please vote for the Blind Cats in the $1,000 Daily contest