Thursday, July 24, 2014



Stevie and his sister were dropped of at the pound in Detroit after their owner was committed to an institution.    They were lucky that volunteers at the shelter went out of their way to save them.  We have 2 fly  (Britta & Casey) that flew from Dallas to Detroit,  met the volunteers to pick up Willow and Stevie and flew them to Atlanta  and then fly back home to Dallas.  (They work for the airline and could fly for free)  One of our board members met the plane in Atlanta,  handed them off to another board member who kept them for 2 weeks and then drove them to us.   It took a village to save them.  Stevie is a very friendly fellow.

Joan & Stevie

Ginny & Stevie

Joan & Stevie... he sat on her head like this for over 15 minutes!

Stevie snuggling up to Stephanie

Buddy update:  He decided he did not like the feeding tube and pulled it out on his own. We aer weighing him every day and he is holding his own weight.

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

This is from several days :)

Thank you Carmen Humphrey for the turbo scratcher toys, trash bags, freshstep, all the foods and banana pet bed!
Thank you Amy Eppler for the trash bags!
Thank you Marie-Claire Bentley for the foods and toys!
Thank you Theresa Mulligan for the trash bags, band aides, cleaner, toys, cleaner, and food!
Thank you Rebecca Bresee for the toys and feather wand!
Thank you Jennifer Gray for the batteries, toys and scratch and rest!
Thank you Diane Kelly for the foods and toys!
Thank you Janet Wall for the box of monster toys!
Thank you  unnamed for the food, arch groomer, freshstep, scratch and rest, bird seed
Thank you Annie Kelly for the freshstep!
Thank you Brittany Jones for the freshstep!
Thank you John Ruzicka for the freshstep!
Thank you Sara Rutenberg for the freshstep!
Thank you Dennis Esterline for the scratch and rest,  trash bags and freshstep!
Thank you Natalie Timmins for the freshstep!
Thank you  Patricia Hall for the revolution flea treatment, clavamox and shots!
Thank you Chantal Oakley-Edwards for the clavamox!
Thank you Rachel Borns for the scratch and rest and toys!
Thank you Mary Jeanne Kaskel for the cleaner!
Thank you Amy Eppler for the tunner, toys and q-tips!
Thank you Jeff woods for the toys!
Thank you Jeffrey Kamal for the toys for the arch groomer!
Thank you Victor Sosa for the toy and antibiotic assortments!
Thank you Linda Donoghue for the toys and batteries!
Thank you Janine Max for the foods, cleaning pads, scratch and rest, freshstep!
Thank you Cheryl Till for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Federica for the antibiotic assortment kits!
Thank you Mary Kaskel for the catnip and toys!
Thank you Joelle Greig for the freshstep!
Thank you Theresa Mulligan for the freshsteps!
Thank you Carmen Humphrey for the wobble and scratch toy and freshstep!
Thank you Linda Carden for the hurricane lanterns and suture kits!
Thank you Amy Eppler for the freshstep!

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