Saturday, July 26, 2014


Cat of the Day:

Autumn came to us when she was 6 weeks old.   She had tested FELV+,  her whole litter tested negative but her.  The vet had placed all her siblings but her and was going to euthanize her.  They asked her if we could take her.  We were pretty sure that she was going to test negative when we tested her as she got older, but what could we do?  She was young with her whole life in front of her.. (Ok I am a softy sometimes  :)  ).   he of course tested negative the second and third time she was tested so she is with the blind cats. 

Fast forward 3 years,  Autumn was diagnosed with nasal cancer this year.  She had 19 radiation treatments and has 7 chemo treatments left  (she will have a total of 18)   She is doing pretty good with the chemo,  lost a little bit of weight but still eating.  The radiation changed the color of her hair on her face as you can see in the pictures.  We caught the cancer early,  it does not appear to have spread and right now she has a good prognosis.  We will know if we were successful after all of her treatments are done and she has another CT scan.

How could I say no to this face?
A cute video of her as a kitten.

wasn't she adorable as a baby?

A younger Autumn

Before starting radiation

Started radiation treatment,  you can see the changes on her face

Changed her hair silver where the radiation was done but the hair has all grown back in

Thank you for the gifts from our Wish list!

Thank you Aaron Huntley for the toys and pouncing paws!
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Thank you Tessa Tweedie for the teaser toy!
Thank you Sarah Wilson for the food!
Thank you Kelly Barum for the food!
Thank you for the fresh catnip!
Thank you Gloria for the brush and scratch!
Thank you Joyce Toye for the privacy tent!
Thank you Lucinda Smith for the food and feather wand!

Thank you Krystle Bruggeman for feather wand, wobble and scratch toy and catnip toy!
Thank you unnamed for  freshstep!
Thank you Ebony Jones for the food and scratch and rest!
Thank you Linda Carden for the batteries!
Thank you Maria Stefanopoulos for the food and catnip toy!
Thank you Agustin Fernandez for the foods!
Thank you Angela Kohrs for the banana bed!
Thank you Janine Max for the food, cord cover and batteries!

This is a favorite toy of the blind cats,

A video of little charity showing you how it works:  

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