Sunday, April 3, 2016


It's Rusty's Day today!

Rusty is a cute guy that kinda found BCR. He just came out of the woods and was eating the food that was there for the outside cats. Poor little fellow was full of fleas and tick and skinny and sick. Alana was able to pet him and pick him up. Well you know we say BCR works their magic and they did again on Rusty. Now he is a fine fellow that loves life at BCR so much so that we are all calling him Simba jr. If you know Simba you know he is the biggest cat at BCR right now. Rusty is trying to take his place we think. :)
You can read more about Rusty here:
If you would like to sponsor Rusty or any of the cats you can do so here:

Speaking of sponsors we would like to thank all you wonderful people out there for the gifts you have sent to the kitties this past week. Lots of food for these guys. They go through 120 cases of canned food a month. That is not counting the dry food. I can see why Rusty thought it was a good idea to let Alana bring him inside. :)


When he first arrived.
Thank you Robert Rasmussen for the gifts from our amazon wish list!
Thank you Damia for the food!
Thank you Nicholas for the food!
Thank you Carolyn Gibbs for the postage stamps!
Thank you unnamed for the food and towels
Thank you Linda for the food and bird seed!
Thank you Jill for the bird seed?
Thank you Keith Belski for the foods!
Thank you Mary Whyte for the scratch & rests!
Thank you Eric Willis for the food!

Starting to fill in,  looking better

Thank you David Griebel for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the 6 cases of food from!
Thank you unnamed for the batteries and foods!
Thank you Diana Anzaldua for the foods and peroxide!
Thank you Harold Anderson for the food!
Thank you John Null for the food!
Thank you Greg Thompson for the foods!
Thank you Harold Anderson for the food!

Filled out and looking better.  Much healthier than when he arrived.

Thank you so much to everyone who donates so generously to the cats! 
We are very grateful for all you do for us!









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