Thursday, April 21, 2016


Today is Peanut day. He is a cute guy that hangs out with his 2 brothers. You can watch the cats live every day on Ustream

Thank you for all the gifts for the cats. We have the best supports.
Just click the link below if you would like to send the cats some gifts.

Thank you Ann Shaw for the foods!
Thank you Linda for the treats and peroxide!
Thank you to the several unnamed people for all the foods!
Thank you Karin Spiess for the food!
Thank you Deanna Gertz for the food!

Thank you Eric Shulze for the cat litters!
Thank you Lisa Mikula for the litters, toys
Thank you Alessandra Lensing for the litter!
Thank you Jennifer for the Amazon Gift Cards!
Thank you Kim for the Amazon Gift card!

Thank you Deanna Gertz for the cat litter!
Thank you Karin Spiess for the litter!
Thank you Jean Clements for the cat litters!
Thank you JeanMarie Merritt for the cat litter!
Thank you Milana for the cat litter!

Again thank you so much to Nelly for saving her allowance and buying gifts for the cats. She and her friend brought them on Saturday to our Open House. 
Want to know when our next Open House is?

Dan is one of the many people I have come to know since becoming a BCR addict almost 2 years ago. He like so many of us have a common bond, our love for the kitties at BCR and what it stands for.  I ask Dan a few questions about how he found out about BCR and what it has meant to him. Below is his story. 
Dan and Autumn

     I found BCR by accident when looking for advice to care for my dying cat Fritz, that was around February 2014. It was around 6 months after learning and researching into BCR that I made my 1st visit for the August 2014 Open House. I was already working with 2 other charities at the time, but after all the research, I found BCR to be “Setting the Bar” for cat care!!! This IS the cleanest, healthiest and BEST run organization I have EVER come across. BCR was something I felt that I NEEDED and WANTED to be a part of. The calling was SO strong that I was willing to take a 15 hour bus ride, each way, and was going to walk the 10-15 miles from Fayetteville to St. Pauls. I didn't have to walk :)

     The first cat I saw was Popcorn on Ustream. To be honest, I freaked out :( I didn't know anything about her and was very uninformed about blind cats and time I learned that she was not only Ok but was also very happy. The first cat I met was “Mack”, simply because he’s a lobby cat. He came right up to me for some pets. 

      My first impression of BCR was very surreal. It was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from. My whole visit was outstanding. The most enjoyable part of visiting BCR was being able to get my hands dirty by helping clean and doing whatever needed to be done for the cats. I REALLY wanted to do MORE than voting and donating. Being swarmed by the cats was also awesome! I like spending extra time with the “special kitties” and the cats in quarantine. Some people are not too fond of the spray room so I spend extra time with them. I didn’t want to leave and I’m NOT ashamed to say that I shed tears on my way home. I wanted to take them ALL home with me.

      I've been asked "What is your favorite special moment" ? I would be hard pressed to pick one :) There are SO many from greeting new cats to BCR, Alana getting the "Eagle Rare" Award, meeting new people staying at the Guest House to quite times on the GH patio just soaking up the peace and tranquility.

     I would like to take a moment to THANK everyone that votes, donates, clicks, volunteers, E-Bay sellers/buyers, walkers/runners using the resQwalk app and all the staff that keep this excellent organization running. I would like to send a SPECIAL thanks to Alana for starting this Charity and the sacrifices she continues to make for these cats.

    BCR is not just a charity to me. BCR is a place to find advice, support, information and tons of love when you NEED it the most. BCR was a huge part of my recovery from losing my Fritz kitty. You see, Fritz was my mom’s cat till she passed so it hit me especially hard when he died in my arms. It was like losing my mom all over again. It would have been SO much harder on me without the love and support I found here at BCR and on BCR Chat !!! I truly LOVE this place and am looking forward to my return in August 2016 :) <3 font="">

     THANK YOU EVERYONE for making this place what it is. Peace, Love & Happiness to All <3 font="">

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