Tuesday, April 12, 2016


10 Ways to keep your Cat Trim
Cats are popular because they’re “easy” to care for. They don’t have to be walked or trained like a dog does. But that makes it easy to forget that they have the bodies of athletes, and they too need a daily feline fitness regime. They aren’t meant to spend all their time sleeping or lying around, but that’s what many end up doing, especially if they’re indoor cats.
Because of this, a large number of kitties today are on the chubby side. In fact, according to theAssociation for Pet Obesity Prevention, 57.6% of cats are overweight, and that can lead to diabetes, respiratory and heart disease, joint problems, some forms of cancer, kidney disease, and overall decreased life expectancy.
Keeping your cat fit shouldn’t be limited to kitten-hood. Many people assume that cats slow down once they mature, so they don’t need to play or exercise as much. But exercise and fitness should remain a priority throughout the cat’s life. Some may play and run on their own, but more often than not, you’ll have to take responsibility for keeping the wiggle in your kitty’s butt by initiating a play routine. Think of it as spending quality time together!      Continue reading

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