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Stevie and his sister Willow came to BCR in 2012. Sadly they where both dropped off at the Detroit Animal Control when their owner got sick and had to be committed to a mental facility. Once again great volunteers at a shelter took it upon themselves to try to help. They did not want to see these 2 die just because they where both blind and no one wanted to adopt them.

They reached out on Facebook for help. These 2 where part of a animal rescue train. This is when people from different parts of the country volunteer their time and go get cats and dogs and take them to their forever homes or animal sanctuaries. In this case BCR is a forever home for kitties as well.

Britta and Casey, who we called our fly angels, flew all the way from Dallas Texas to Detroit Michigan to the animal control where they picked up Stevie and Willow. They then flew then to the airport in Atlanta Ga. There Danny and Jody, our foster angels meet them at the airport. It wasn’t over yet for these two blind kitties. Lisa, another foster angel then picked them up from Danny and Jody and drove them to BCR 2 weeks later.

When they got to BCR they went to  our vet as all new kitties do where they got badly needed dentals and their eyes taken care of, as well as vaccinations and anything else they needed. If you watch us on Ustream you know that both Stevie and Willow are wonderful cats who are both in the same room together.


Stevie would like to thank everyone for the great goodies our wonderful
supporters sent in the last few days from our Amazon wish list!!
 As you can see here he is anxiously awaiting box opening to see what we have gotten.

Thank you Eoon for the cat litter!
Thank you Linda Hansen for the cat litter!
Thank you Jill Metcalf for the cat litter!
Thank you Kristen Belyski for the cat litter!
Thank you Robert Kergis for the cat litter!

Thank you Shelly Campbell for the food!
Thank you Kitty Johnson for the litter!
Thank you Linda Hanson for the food!
Thank you Karen Johnson for the foods!
Thank you Tiffany Shea for the food and toys
Screenshot_2         Screenshot_1

He is a very loving cat, always waiting for a wonderful visitor or member of the staff to come around so he can get in their arms. If you are close enough and he gets the chance he will also get on your back and hang around your neck like a scarf.

Steviecutout-1        teacher-appreciation-clipart-Thank_You

Thank you Robert Kergis for the food!
Thank you Tuire Cechin for the foods!
Thank you Tina for the food!
Thank you Rose Belice for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the food, litter and toys!
 Sadly Amazon does not give us the names all the time.

If you would like to send Stevie and his friends something from our amazon wish list you can do so here : Amazon Smile Wishlist

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