Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Thank you to all the generous unnamed people for all the food! Amazon often does not give us packing slips, your name or contact information.  We are very grateful to you for your generosity and support!

Thank you Eric Shulze for the litter!
Thank you Deanna Gertz for the litters!
Thank you Debbie Wass for the litter!
Thank you Christopher Love for the litter!
Thank you Lori for the litter!

Thank you Kari Inda for the litter!
Thank you Nancy Walkord for the Amazon gift card!
Thank you Christina Gandley for the food!
Thank you Maureen Short for the foods and litter!
Thank you Cathy Boccardo for the food and toys!

Thank you Reuben Sweeney for the food!
Thank you Samantha Shaffer for the toys!
Thank you Sara Donnelly for the food, litter and toys!
Thank you JoAnne Morris  for the food!
Thank you Lynnette Loud  for the litter!

Thank you unnamed for the litter!
Thank you Rosemary Glover for the food!
Thank you Lisa Mikula for the food!
Thank you Deanna Gertz for all the foods & toys!
Thank you Keith Belski for the foods!

Thank you Debbie Wass for the litter!
Thank you Merrick77 for the litter!
Thank you Deanna Gertz for the food!
Thank you Olimpia Sulla for the litter!
Thank you Alessandra Lensing for the litter!
Thank you Shirley Kelly for the food!
Thank you Mary T Medvick for the food!

We are now doing our tours directly on our Facebook Fan Page. This is the same type of live tours that where on Ustream, just now they are on Facebook. The live video feed comes up right under the anchored post with our Open House times. You just have to scroll down a little. 

Also you should be able to see the video feed on  your personal Facebook Wall. Doing tours on Facebook means that more people can actually watch the tour. Right now we are getting around 1700 viewing at each time. Each video averages around 80k reaches or more. This means that the more people that see us, the more chance we have that people will donate to these wonderful kitties. After all, that is the goal. It's all about the kitties and what is best for them.  

We just started this on Saturday so we are still airing out the bugs. Such as our bandwidth at BCR. We have someone coming out to increase this and help us get a better connection as well. It seems that some people are having issues viewing the live tours in FireFox. Chrome seems to be better for most so if you can please try using Chrome.

Sometimes while doing tour we lose connection to our wifi. When that happens we have to reconnect and start a new video feed. Please refresh your Facebook page and you will see it has come up a new live video

 If for some reason it just is not working for you to watch the live tours, right after they are done they save on our BCR page and more then likely your personal wall. Also we are uploading the tours to our BCR Youtube channel which you can find here:

Thank you all so much for being patient with us until we get everything worked out. 

We have a new contest. You can vote one time per day for the next 4 days. Please vote as we are way behind in this one folks.
Customer Appreciation Month

You just have to post Blind Cat Recue, St Pauls NC in the comment field. You can vote once a day.

All you have to do is click vote. Super easy. 

Just click the vote button.

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