Sunday, June 8, 2014



Meadow came to us in 2011 from a shelter that was in trouble.  A rescue stepped in and helped get the animals placed.  They had 7 FIV+ cats to place,  I told her to sit in the middle of the room and the first 2 that came to her wanting attention were the 2 that we would take.  (That is all we had room for, the other cat was Socks)  When she arrived she was missing a lot of her hair.  We don't know if it was from allergies, stress or bad nutrition.  We suspect maybe all 3.  Once we got her on high quality food her hair started filing in.  She is a super sweet friendly little girl.  You will find her sleeping with the other cats often.

When she first arrived.

with a visitor
With Checker
With Socks  and Yes we have boxes tonight :)

We WILL do boxes tonight  (SUNDAY)  Live On

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!!

We are blown away at your generosity and kindness!!!
Amazon never gives us your contact informaton so we are unable to
personally message you with our thanks.  Please know how grateful we
are to you for your support!!

Thank you kind unnamed people for the paper towels, banana bed, food, toys, hammock and trixie tree and litter!  Amazon did not tell us who you are!
Thank you Daryl Poarch for the trixie tree!
thank you Diana Frothingham for the Gusipee!
Thank you Jocelyn Lane for the Gusipee!
Thank you Ray Henderson for the food and toys!
Thank you Maria Sentry for the Trixie Tree and Cat tree!
Thank you Sarah Beckley or the carrier and Rainbox in memory of Pooh!
Thank you First Medical Equipment for the gain and gloves!