Friday, June 27, 2014



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Boone is approx. 10 years old and blind.  He came to us from the 
town of Boone,  thus the name "Boone".  
He was lucky to have been saved from the pound by some dedicated volunteer
who brought him to us.

He is a friendly fellow, gets along with the rest of his roommates for
the most post, and has the distinction of being the only male in his room.

Often people will see him walk and notice that he has a limp or he
will sometimes be holding a back paw up.  It has been looked at
by the orthopedic vet and it apparently a birth defect of his foot.
There is no injury.

He can be watched live on on Friday's.

Thank you for the gifts from our wishlist!

Amazon often does not tell us your names,  often there is not even a packing slip,
they NEVER give us your contact info so we are not able to personally message you.  
Please know how grateful we are to your for your kindness!

Boone like box opening

Thank you Teresa Fifer for the scratch and wobble toy!
Thank you  Allison Kulp for the rainbow!
Thank you Melissa Bleier for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Jill Sparapany for the storage bags!
Thank you Umbreen Ahmad for the spring toys!
Thank you Jennifer Haynes for the Rainbow!
Thank you Corbett Redford for the precious cat litter!
Thank you Michael Campbell for the treats!

Thank you Elizabeth Dickman for the toys!
Thank you Angela Aslanska for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Jack Falk for the Dawn!
Thank you unnamed for the hand sanitizer, crystal litters, bird house hangers!
Thank you Roger Dowdy for the food, chase track and treats!
Thank you Juan Carlos Rede for the scratch and rest and toys!
Thank you Doreen Squillace for the scratch and rest and toys!
Thank you Kimmy for the tribble!
Thank you Patricia Hall for the crystal litters and freshstep!

We WILL be opening boxes tonight LIVE on
Chat at 6 pm   Boxes at 6:30 pm EST