Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Sterling is a beautiful long hair cat, (We think maybe a Maine Coone) that came to us from Maryland.  He was seized in a hoarding group with 39 cats.   His shelter ID number was #27.  He had a bad upper respiratory infection and lice when he was found.  He was held at animal control for 40 days and they did a great job of getting him healthy.  A rescue group working with animal control contacted us and brought him to us.

Animal Control Picture

Had his eyes taken care of and his hair grown back in

Sterling last week

A video of Sterling & LT Playing

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts from our Amazon wish list!!!

We are blown away at your generosity and kindness!!!
Amazon never gives us your contact information so we are unable to
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Thank you Wayne Peters for the Trixie Tree!
Thank you Cheryl Strickland for the catnip toy!
Thank you Martin & Kristina Kuhne for the food and toys!
Thank you Cynthia Preul for the Q-tips, tunnel, food & catnip toys!
Thank you Beverly Cartwright for the sponges, trashbags, Gain & Freshstep!
Thank you Virginia Edmonds for the toys, batteries, hummingbird food!
Thank you Rebecca for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for toys, gloves, food!
Thank you Charlene Serna for the food!
Thank you Blanka Allgood for the food!
Thank you Mrs. A. Ghoorahoo for the food!


Thank you Debra Gale for the food!
Thank you Josee Sheppard for the Gain!
Thank you Miss Tatiana Orlowska for the Gain!
Thank you Mary Patrick for the cleaner!
Thank you Lyndsey Anton for the blanket!
Thank you S. Morley for the food!
Thank you Beau Biever for the Gain & Ear cleaner!
Thank you Kenneth Champion for the food!
Thank you Barbara Noethen for the food, gloves and cleaner!
Thank you William for the tunnel and toys!
Thank you Chris Lockemy for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Dean Brown for the toys!
Thank you Veronica Perkins for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Miranda Richards for the food!


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