Saturday, June 21, 2014


Today is crazy kitty day!  LIVE on Ustream!

Hope you will drop in and visit :)  Tours at noon & 3 pm EST

chat at 6 pm and boxes at 6:30 pm EST

Today's Kitty is Richey

Richey came to us in 2011.  He was turned into animal control 

by a person who found him in a ditch laying next to a dead

cat assumed to be his mother.  Lucky for him, volunteers

were there and intercepted him before.   In NC laws

the laws for animal control facilities clearly state that if

an animal is sick, injured or blind they may be immediately 

euthanized.  Richey would have been at the top of the list.

They contacted us and asked us to take him.

He is a sweet funny fellow.

As a baby

Being helpful getting on the scale to get weighed


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Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

  Amazon often does not tell us your names,  often there is not even a packing slip,
they NEVER give us your contact info so we are not able to personally message you.  
Please know how grateful we are to your for your kindness!

This is from several box openings

Thank you Adrienna Whyte for the trixie tree! 
Thank you Andrea Burke for the kitten food! 
Thank you Carolyne Spackman for the kitten food! 
Thank you Dana Miller for the food, steamer pads and toys! 
Thank you Dana Miller for the foods & freshstep! 
Thank you Elizabeth Sarratt for the scratch and rests! 
Thank you Glenda J  (the last name was torn) for the food and litter! 

Thank you Lorna SteMarie for the trixie tree! 
Thank you Margaret Avaltroni for the scratcher TV, Q-tips! 
Thank you Melissa Lerner for the hurricane cat toy! 
Thank you Melissa Pilkington for the clavamox! 
Thank you Nikole Bender-Saunders for the blanket, track toy and food! 
Thank you Renee Martin for all the revolution! 
Thank you Ruth Acoya for the scratch and rests! 
Thank you Sabrina Chase for the trixie tree

Thank you Heather Crossland for the kitten food, tiki cat and freshstep! 
Thank you Heather Resh for the cuddle toy and TV-scratcher! 
Thank you Heather Resh for the toys and treats! 
Thank you Jill Garofalo for the petfusion lounge! 
Thank you Joyce Cotton for the food! 
Thank you Julia Ruth for the wobble toy and treats! 
Thank you Karla Alderson for the food and toys! 
Thank you Kerry O'Malley for the freshsteps! 
Thank you Kristy Hislop for the bleach, clean up, freshstep and clavamox! 
Thank you Lauretta Kehoe for the food! 
Thank you Liz Leavy for the laundry soap, fresh step, dish soap and toys (and bless you for giving an FELV+ cat a home!) 

Thank you Sabrina Chase for the wobble toys and treats! 
Thank you Sandra Webb for the kitten foods and toys! 
Thank you Sara Raftery for the treats! 
Thank you Sara Roberts for the toys! 
Thank you Sharon El-Saadi for the Gain! 
Thank you to several unnamed people for the food! 
Thank you unnamed for the toys, all the foods, treats, scratchers, microfiber towels, 
 toys, waterer and filters! 
Thank you Tom Palmer for the trixie tree!