Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hi!  We are hoping our computer nightmare is finally fixed.  For you that follow us on Ustream, (I hope all of you watch :) .   We switched over to Time Warner in hopes of faster internet and no more lag on the ustream... what a nightmare it has been.  Yesterday it just did not want to work most of the time.  We finally got one building up for the night  (that is why the camera was in the opposite building last night instead of in the Tuesday room).   I am sorry you missed tours yesterday afternoon and today.  We hope the stream will be back up sometime today... another repair truck is supposed to be coming this afternoon.

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Candy waiting for boxes to be opened

Thank you Patricia Hall for the crinkle toy!
Thank you Cynthia Preul for the hurricane toy and turbo scratcher!
Thank you Richard Debuisson for the karma kube!
Thank you Jane Farrell for the fan!
Thank you to the  unnamed people for the fan, food, toy, litter, paper towels, batteries and gain!
Thank you Mia Chandler for the gain and toys!

Rudy loves the turbo scratchers

Thank you Carolynne Van Houten for the food and toys!
Thank you Miss R Simmons for the food!
Thank you Patricia Honegger for the food and ear cleaner!
Thank you Laura Rapchak for the toy!
Thank you Sarah Beggs for the toy!
Thank you Ruth Skare for the Q-tips!
Thank you Andrea Steen for the toys!
Thank you Lisa Jackson for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Rebekah Holder for the gain!
Thank you Shannon Barden for the toy!

Emily grabbed a bag of treats