Tuesday, March 4, 2014


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Thank you so much for all the generous gifts from our wish lists!

Amazon does not give us contact information so we may properly thank you but please know that we are very grateful to you for your kindness and generosity to the cats!!

Thank you Scott and Pam for the gift card!
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Thank you Crystal Graham for the cat litter!

Thank you Amy Lynn Halverson for the cat litter, toys, food & catnip sardines!
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Thank you Karin Burns for all the babble balls!
Thank you so much Roni J for the camera!
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Thank you Linda Carden for the water fountain!
Thank you Alper Lokcu for the toys and food!
Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the floor cleaner!!

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by Jill Anne Sparapany

If you visit Blind Cat Rescue, you will most likely be greeted by Snicker. He was at the Cumberland County Animal Control Center which euthanizes over 11,000 animals every year. Snicker put on that magical smile of his and charmed some ladies at the shelter with his friendly personality. They went the extra mile to find a place for him. Snicker came to BCR the day after Thanksgiving  2010.

He is super friendly and keeps everyone company in the lobby. He can be found sitting in the desk chair, taking a cat nap or playing in the lobby. Sometimes, his “girlfriend” Emily or Mickey or Rudy…or all three of them…escape their room to play with Snicker.

Snicker and Seth

When you watch Snicker and his BCR friends play and romp and chase, you become amazed at how “normal” blind cats are. They can do everything sighted cats can do.

You will see Snicker’s smiling face on everything BCR! His sweet face and entertaining personality have captured the hearts of many of those who love BCR and its residents! 

Snicker and Jill
Sharing kisses with Barebaron

Hanging out

Snicker with Lisa

Snicker and Fiona

We are asked why Snicker is in the lobby instead of a room.  Snicker lived in a room when he first arrived and did ok with the other cats.   He became very ill, ran a high fever and was very sick for a time.   

With a feeding tube

Something happened to Snicker when he became so ill.  The vet feels that it changed his basic brain chemistry.  Snicker is fine with others unless they growl.  When they growl,   he flips out and attacks them.    He spends 1/2 of his day out in the lobby,  at night he spends it in a cage and Pooh (and the late Maggie) is the lobby.  Pooh does not do well with other cats either.   Both cats seem to be ok with this arrangement.

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