Sunday, March 16, 2014


Good morning,  cold wet dreary with 100% chance of rain... Mother Nature is having fun playing with us!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out for the Open house Yesterday :)
We posted more pictures on Facebook

Jill & Snicker

Paul found a lap of a willing visitor

Pat & Stevie

Ed entertains the cats 

Ginny Getting hugged by Bear

Thank you so much for your generosity to those that gifts from our wish lists!

We deeply appreciate your support!!

Thank you Kathleen Lapinski for the food!
Thank you Jamie and Greg Lehmicke for the floor cleaner!
Thank you Margaret Dallos for the food!
Thank you Jerry Tinkey for the food and trash bags!

Thank you Gregg Gorman for the washclothes, scoopers, bowls,
 toys, catnip tree, food, sanitizer, treats, Mr. Clean, Magic erasers and Check!
Thank you Pamela Devereux for the carrier!
Thank you Shoshannah for the cat litter!

Thank you Mr Lee for the Amazon Gift card!
Thank you Kim Clopton for the litter and toys!
Thank you Ruby Ann Rivera for the litter!
Thank you Greg Greening for the Trixie Cuddly cave!

Thank you Danielle Rallo for the blanket!
Thank you Paul Renquin, Silver, Comet & Pyewacket for the food!
Thank you Cecil & Steve Trevathan for the car pet bed!

Thank you to the several unnamed people for the foods, softener, hurricane toy, cuddly cave, freshstep, toys, kickeroos, loops, batteries,  springy worms, privacy tent, scratch and rest, pet carrier,  trashbags,  and floor cleaner

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