Monday, March 31, 2014


Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Thank you Lisa Anderson for bag of chocolate for the humans!,
 the cats balls, play cub, toys and catnip!
Thank you Monica for all the foods, toys and blankets!

Thank you Stephanie Drotter for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Anonymous for the Amazon Gift Card!

Thank you Amanda Shafer for the foods and toys!
Thank you Christina Stemler for the blanket and toys!
Thank you David Nikielski for the cat cube, lysol & freshstep!
Thank you Dorothy Lewis for the trash bags and cleaner!

Thank you Christine Houlihan for the toys, bird feeder and cover!
Thank you Lawrence Smith for litter and toys!
Thank you Homer Coldiron for the toys, privacy tent and food!

Thank you Vibeke Foss for the trashbags, cleaner, food and cleaner!

Thank you Sandi Wolfe for the trashbags!
Thank you Angelika Conner for the toys and magic erasers!

Thank you unnamed for the food and trashbags!


You Do NOT have to be there or jump! If you are out of state, out of country, scared of heights, YOU can still help the cats win!! 
Please email me that you bought ticket: Please consider helping team Raleigh Rock the money! Please LIKE & Share