Thursday, March 20, 2014


Good morning,  43 this morning and we are supposed to see the sun today!  The patios will get opened today  :)  YEAH!

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DAILY (category LARGE RESCUE Shelter, Blind Cat ) 
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We WILL be doing boxes tonight
chat at 6 pm, Boxes at 6:30 pm EST

Prayers needed for Baron

PRAYERS NEEDED. Baron went to the vet today because he has started losing weight and not acting like his normal playful self... His blood work is devastating, the leukemia is clearly winning. We brought him home to love on him and spend what time he has left. Based upon his blood work, the vet feels he has at best 1-2 weeks left. We do not feel he is suffering, he is still eating. When it is time, I will hold him as we say goodbye