Saturday, February 8, 2014


Good morning!  Temp is  38     It is supposed to be in the 50 and rainy today :(    And today is Open House!

Today is  Boy Scout Day - celebrates the birthday of scouting
and  Kite Flying Day - in the middle of winter!?!

Today in History The Boy Scouts were founded. (1910)

Autumn is home from radiation treatment.  
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Today is information about pet food.  Again, I am just touching on the subjects.  You may find lots more if you Google it.

What do you feed your animals?  Have you ever read the ingredients?  Do you know what some of them are?

Cats are obligate carnivores - they eat primarily animal based proteins in the wild.

First let me say,   Wet food is best.  Cats do not drink enough water.  If they are getting a good quality wet food,  they do not need dry food.   That being said,  some cats will not touch wet food.  We have some of them at the shelter.  Others love the wet and will only eat the dry if they do not like the kind of wet they were fed that morning.

The cats like our dry food :)

BUT you should know what is in your cat food. And what they mean:

BAD: Chicken by-products: ground parts from poultry carcasses such as feet, heads, feathers, intestines, necks and undeveloped eggs and can include any rendered material. Rendered material can also include downer cows. Sick animals that can not be used for human food.

Good: pure meat first, chicken, turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal. Chicken meal according to the Association of American feed control officials is the dry rendered product from a combination of clean chicken flesh and skin with and without accompaning bone, derived from whole carcasses of chicken, exclusive of feathers, heads, feet and entrails.

BAD: Corn and Grains Avoid cat food that contain corn (in any form) or any other grains. They supply no nutrition to the cat except for calories. They do not even get all the calories from grains either because cats' digestive tracts are made to digest animal matter - not plant. Foods with grains leave a lot undigested leading to smelly feces. Most less expensive dry cat food contains some form of corn. In recent years, a number of advocates expressed concern about the harmful effects of corn on cat health, including food allergies, diabetes, and obesity. Cat food companies are accused of using corn only because it is inexpensive, not because of the nutritional value it provides.

We feed wet and dry

What do we feed the blind cats?

Wet:  Before Grain,  Weruva,   Wellness,  Newman's Own,  Tiki Cat    All grain free,  meat first food :)
I will say,  many foods have things like peas, apples and other feel good things for us humans that are reading the ingredients.  They don't need the fruits and vegetables.  They need meat.   One food always has peas.  The cats leave the peas,  the raccoons' do too  (they eat what the cats did not eat).

Dry:   We feed Life's Abundance  (you can click on the link and read about it.  You may also order a sample bag)    And we feed     Young Again No carb for Miracles room       If you have a DIABETIC cat,  this is the food you want to feed!  It will change your pets numbers!

Something you need to remember about foods with out fillers (corn etc)  they cost more. BUT
your cat will eat much less because they are actually absorbing nutrition.   And the feces will not smell as bad.  Trash in  is trash out.    Over all you will pay more up front  but it will cost you less because you will be feeding less.

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Seth and his wife Catherine were our guest box openers.

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

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Here is a video of the last 15 minutes of the event


Thank you Victoria Ireland for the cat food!
Thank you Linnea Capps for the food!
Thank you Lenai Waite for the tower of tracks toy!
Thank you Aleksandar Pauljevic for the food!

Penny thinks it is her personal mountain to climb

Thank you Steven Booth for the cases of food!
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Thank you Tracy O'Shea for the cat litter and magic erasers!
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