Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Good morning!  39 degrees,  forecast for 46 and rain today.   Better than snow (grin)


Before I start, I want to say that what I am writing is just my opinion or information I have found on the internet.  It is not to be taken for medical care.  If you have any questions or concerns,  consult your physician!

Ok... Cat bites.   Because of bacteria,  50% of all cat bites become infected.   When a dog bites you,  they deliver crushing bites that don't penetrate deep into the skin.  Cats bite with long sharp teeth and they bite deeper.  A dangerous bacteria called Pasteurella multocida is found in 90% of cats.  That bacteria mixed with staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria that are commonly found on human skin can cause serious health problems including death!

If you get bitten by a cat,  immediately clean the wound,  lots of soap and water!  And then consider a trip to your doctors office.   When Pooh bit me, my hand began swelling within an hour with infection.   Read the 2 stories below,  they will show you how serious a cat bite can be.




The cats say thank you so much for the gifts from our
Amazon Wish List:

Garfield likes laying on the boxes

Baron likes the boxes for napping.

Thank you Melissa Randles for the dishwashing soap, trash bags and sponges!
Thank you Roni Joseph for the denamarin and laminating sheets!
Thank you Laura Rapchak for the toys and locomotion toy!
Thank you Elizabeth Silva for the sponges & food!
Thank you unnamed for the bath towels!
Thank you Wendy Kester for the food and toy!
Thank you Sotero Elias for the batteries!
Thank you unnamed for the cute shark bed!

Baron being eaten by the shark bed

Joey checking out the boxes

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