Thursday, February 6, 2014


Good morning!!   33 degrees,   supposed to be in the upper 40's today

Open house is this Saturday,  be interesting to see if the temps are high enough for me to power wash.  Can do much with frozen hoses.

Today's subject is Upper Respiratory infections in cats.  I am just going to touch on the basics of the subject.  There is tons of information to be found if you just google it.

Did you know an upper Respiratory infection can cause cats to become blind?  See the ulcers etc on the kittens eyes below?

Causes:   here are numerous organisms that cause upper respiratory infections in cats, but the main culprits are:
  • feline herpesvirus 1 - also called rhinotracheitis virus
  • feline calicivirus - of which there are several strains
  • Chlamydophila felis - a bacteria
  • Bordatella bronchiseptica - a bacteria that also can cause kennel cough in dogs
  • Mycoplasma spp. - a type of bacteria
Signs and Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Infections
The symptoms can vary in severity, but typically include any or all of the following:

  • fever
  • nasal discharge
  • sneezing
  • runny eyes
  • reddened eyes (conjunctivitis)
  • squinting
  • cough
  • hoarse voice
  • sores in mouth and/or nose
  • drooling
  • gagging
  • rapid breathing
  • loss of appetite
  • lethargy
  If your cat is showing signs of an URI,  GO TO THE VET!   Kittens can easily have their infections turn in to pneumonia.

Vaccines against both herpesvirus and calicivirus are part of the routine vaccination protocol that will be recommended by your vet.  Make sure your cat gets all of their shots.  

Skittle was lucky,  antibiotics were able to clean his eye infection before it destroyed his eyes.

Peanut after.

Jellybean  after

You can see this crazy group of kittens today LIVE on ustream... They have grown up alot !

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