Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It is SNOWING,  Mother nature has truly lost her mind!  Right now the temps are above freezing so it is not sticking to the roads.  Supposed to sleet, rain, snow and freeze tonight and tomorrow.   Hellooooooo,  we are in the south for goodness sake!

Today is   Don't Cry over Spilled Milk Day      Make a Friend Day      White T-Shirt Day

Today in history:        Robert Fulton patents the steamboat. (1809)  
The Yalta agreement is signed by Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. (1945)

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Asthma in cats.

Did you know we have 3 cats diagnosed with asthma?

"Very similar to people, cats can suffer from asthma. When it flares up, your cat will cough and have difficulty breathing (dyspnea). Asthma is essentially inflammation of the lungs due to allergies. Immature heartworms can also cause a similar condition called Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease (H.A.R.D.). Symptoms and treatment, therefore, are very much alike for both asthma and H.A.R.D.

What to Watch For

  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing (sometimes)
  • Bluish or purplish gums
  • Hiding or reluctant to move

Primary Cause

Irritation of the lungs by unidentified allergens causes asthma. Similarly, H.A.R.D. is due to irritation caused by immature heartworms dying in the lungs.

Immediate Care

There is limited treatment that can be done at home. It is best to get your cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible. Use the following steps when transporting your cat:

  1. Minimize stress and keep your cat calm.
  2. Do not restrict breathing, use a carrier or box.
  3. If your cat has been previously diagnosed with asthma and your veterinarian prescribed inhaled asthma medication, then use it as directed and contact your veterinarian. DO NOT use your own inhaler on your cat.

Your veterinarian may put your cat on oxygen upon arrival if he is struggling to breathe. Once your cat has relaxed a bit, and your veterinarian has completed a physical examination, X-rays will be taken of the chest. Other diagnostic procedures may include blood tests, including tests for heartworms, although heartworms tests in cats are not as useful as they are in dogs. In some cases your veterinarian might want to obtain cell and fluid samples from deep in the lungs, which requires a lavage of the airways. In spite of testing, your veterinarian may not be able to distinguish between heartworm disease and asthma.


If needed, your cat will be placed on oxygen until she is breathing easier. Bronchodilators and corticosteroids will likely be used to open the airways and relieve the inflammation in the lungs. Typically, your cat will be sent home once she is breathing normally and a tentative diagnosis has been made.

Unfortunately, there is currently no treatment for heartworm disease in cats.

Living and Management

Your cat will probably be put on glucocorticoids to help keep inflammation under control. Your veterinarian will discuss the use of an inhaled bronchodilator like  terbuterol for future asthmatic episodes. If the problem is due to heartworms, the symptoms will resolve in time, as long as your cat does not become reinfected. She will need to receive treatment similar to a cat with asthma, as well as start taking heartworm preventative medication.


To prevent H.A.R.D., your cat should be on heartworm preventative, even if he is an indoor cat. Mosquitoes, which are carriers of heartworm larvae, can get into the house.

Asthma, on the other hand, is more difficult to prevent, though you can try to prevent asthma flare-ups in your cat much the same way you would for human asthma sufferers: use HEPA air filters, minimize carpeting, stop smoking, etc."

How do we give the cats their inhalers?  it is really easy.

There is a feline aerosol chamber called the Aerokat .  It has the mask and chamber that you just attach the inhaler in the back.  All you have to do is place the mask around the cats face and press the inhaler.


Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts from our wishlists!   http://blindcatrescue.com/wishlist.htm
Sadly,  Amazon never tells us how to contact you so we can not personally thank you but please know how grateful we are to you for your kindness!!

Garfield just loves to lay on the boxes

Thank you Linda  (Lady Peregrine) for the towels!

Thank you Vicky Ellis for all the cat treats and human treats  (Chocolate!!!!)(WE LOVE Chocolate!!) And that was the cutest card!  Who doesn't love a panda baby!! :)

Thank you Pam Middleton for the tower of tracks, tunnel toy,electronic cat toy,  catnip sardines, and the chocolate!!!

Joey stopped walking on the wheel long enough to check the boxes out

Thank you Anuschka Smeekes for the hedgehog toys!
Thank you Ellie Goodbread for the strawberry pet beds!
Thank you MaryJane Garcia for the kitty cubes!
Thank you Sotero Elias for the cat food!

Noah peeking over the boxes

We WILL  be doing boxes tonight on http://ustream.tv/blindcatrescue
Chat at 6,  boxes at 6:30 pm EST.  Hope you will join us :)