Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Good morning   39 degrees this morning,  supposed to rain.


Thank you so much to all the generous people that share
so much with the cats!  Thank you for the gifts
from our wishlists!  http://blindcatrescue.com/wishlist.htm

Sadly,  Amazon often does not tell us who you are and they never tell 
us how to contact you.  Please know how grateful we are to you
for your gifts to the cats!!

Taffey enjoying playing

Thank you Victor Sosa for the catnip toys & Sardines in tin toys!
Thank you Anita Wright for the foods, shark pads and litter!
Thank you Victoria Nokes for the cat nip 8 track toy and food!
Thank you Gloria Ilarraza for the ear cleaning solution!
Thank you Valerie Glantschnig for the cat litter, clorox cleanup and clavamox!!
Thank you Laura Kavesh for the amazon gift card!
Thank you Mel GOoch for the cat litter!
Thank you Bob & Virginia Johnson for the cat bed!
Thank you Nancy & Joe Wilson for the food!
Thank you Lynda Duckworth for the cat bed!
Thank you Georgi Mortensen for the litter and food!
Thank you Cynthya Petzen for the food & batteries!
Thank you Tiffany Valdez for the scratch and rest!
Thank you unnamed for the sponges!

Baron keeping the boxes safe

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Famous Cats
by Jill Anne Sparapany

Binks – the boy who was turned into an immortal cat by three witches in movie, ‘Hocus Pocus’
Bombalurina – ‘Cats’, Andrew Lloyd Weber (Broadway musical)
Burbank – Danny Glover’s pet in movie ‘Lethal Weapon’
D.C. – Siamese crime solver in movie, ‘That Darn Cat’
Felix – ‘The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat’ (animation, TV show)
Fifi – constantly mistaken for a skunk by Pépé le Pew (animation)
Grumpy Cat – real name Tardar Sauce, internet celebrity known for her grumpy facial expression
Guido Anchovy – ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’, Saban
Jonesy – orange cat surviver with Sigorney Weaver in movie, ‘Alien’
Maru – internet celebrity cat famous for his love of boxes, Japan
Morris – rescued from a Chicago shelter 20 minutes prior to euthanasia and originally named Lucky, appeared in 40 cat food ads, 9 Lives cat food
Plato – brown and white kitten with habit of sneaking up on other cats, ‘Cats’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Tiddles – ‘she flies across the studio into a bucket of water…’ in Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Tiger – former record-holder for heaviest domestic cat, long haired part Persian weighing 43 lbs,                  ‘Guiness Book of World Records’

Binky – pet and mentor of Susan Becker, author of ‘All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat’
Garfield – comic strip by Jim Davis, Garfield
Boche – the cat Anne Frank found in the attic, ‘Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank
Rumpleteazer  – ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, T.S Eliot (book)
Bustopher Jones – the cat-about-town, ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, T.S Eliot (book)
Cheshire Cat – insane cat who could disappear, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Lewis Carroll
General – ‘Cat’s Eye’, Stephen King
Grimalkin – first witch’s familiar, ‘MacBeth’, William Shakespeare
Norton – fictional Scottish fold tabby in novel, ‘The Cat Who Went to Paris’, author Peter Gethers
Pangur Ba’n – first ever mention of pet cat in European literature, poem by unknown Irish scholar in 8th century
Para – legendary protector and provider in Finnish folklore
Rhubarb – pet cat whose deceased owner left him a baseball team, ‘Rhubarb’ by H. Allen Smith
Rodilardus – Latin for ‘I gnaw bacon’, large furry companion of Pardus, 16th century literature by                                Francis Rabelais
Taffy – thieving pet in the 1929 poem, ‘In Honor of Taffy Topaz’, Christopher Morley

Blackie – richest cat in history that inherited 15 million British Pounds
Brownie and Hellcat – became the richest cats in the world when owner Dr. William Grier left them
Dusty – holds the record for the most kittens in her lifetime, 420 kittens
Irusan – the legendary, huge King of the Cats, killed by a saint while punishing a poet for his cat satire
Creme Puff – world’s oldest cat who was 38 years old, (1967-2005), ‘Guiness Book of World Records’
Faith – London cat that  took up residence in St Faith & St Augustine's church (by St Paul's Cathedral) in   wartime, and received a PDSA Silver Medal for her bravery in caring for her kitten when the            church was bombed
Jack – cat lost by American Airlines baggage handlers at John F Kennedy airport, after his 61 day      ordeal, he fell through the ceiling, was severely dehydrated and malnourished, had 12 days of            veterinary ICU care before he crossed the Bridge, has Facebook page “Jack the Cat is Lost             In AA…” and his legacy is NEVER AGAIN, which had started public pressure for pet safety            standards in air flight.
Mickey – former record-holder tabby for most mice killed, about 22,000, ‘Guiness Book of World   Records’
Oscar – fitted with bionic hind legs following an accident in 2009
Nedjem – means ‘sweet, pleasant’, the first cat known to have had a name
Towser – as of 1997, tortie held record for most mice killed, 28,000+, ‘Guiness Book of World Records’
Scarlett – rescued her 5 kittens from a burning building in New York in 1996
Stubbs – cat who was elected mayor of the town of Talkeetna, Alaska in 1997, as write-in candidate
Sugar – his family left him behind when they moved, he left his new owners home and found his                   original owners’ new house 1500 miles away
Willow -  cat lost from a Boulder, Colorado home, who was discovered 5 years later and 1,800 miles    away in New York City, she survived owls, coyotes, criminals, and Manhattan traffic. She was          reunited with her owners with the help of her microchip.

Snowball – the most famous of Ernest Hemingway's cats, who was polydactyl and lived with Hemingway     at his house in Key West.
Humphrey – black and white mascot, retired, of the Prime Minister’s residence at No. 10             Downing Street,          U.K.
Nin – weather crew cat of Mt. Washington Observatory, N.H., named for Anias Nin and is short for           ‘Nincompoop’
Puffins – U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s cat
Socks – stray cat adopted by family of President Bill Clinton, named by daughter Chelsea
Catarina – Edgar Allan Poe’s pet cat and the inspiration for his story, ‘The Black Cat’
Kitty Purry – Maine Coon belonging to singer Katy Perry

Ta-Miu – the  cat of Crown Prince Thutmose, after her death she was mummified and buried in a      decorated sarcophagus