Monday, July 15, 2013

The Raffle

SNICKER: Hey! I'm back! Today we're going to talk about the raffle. I'm especially excited to talk about the raffle, because, well, I don't know what the heck a raffle is! Our special guest is... 

ALANA!!!!! Or mom as most of us here at BCR like to call her. So, uhh, what the heck is a raffle? It sounds like some sort of fluffy toy!

ALANA: Ha ha ha. No, not a fluffy toy. A raffle is a drawing of tickets that everyone buys.  Each ticket that we draw out of the box we will give someone a prize.

SNICKER: So... It's like a lottery, but you win stuff instead of money?

ALANA: Yep. 

SNICKER: So what are you raising the money for?

ALANA: For you of course! You and all your brothers and sisters. The money from the raffle will help cover vet costs, food, cleaning supplies, toys,  the roof over your head, the employees that come and keep your house cleaned, the power that gives you nice cool air conditioning and much more that all of you need to be happy and healthy kitties. 

SNICKER: Wow! Really? That's awesome. I know we have a lot of vet costs here. Especially with the surgeries and all. Like Candy's ear surgery for example. How much will that cost?

ALANA: Last year we spent over $81,000 on vet costs.  Candy's operation was over $3,000!

SNICKER: WHAT?!!? Wow, that is alot of money!!! :)   So this raffle will definitely come in handy! That's great! So, what kind of prizes can someone win in this raffle?

ALANA: Well, we have all sorts of things! We have a trip to BCR Airline ticket max. price of $500. 1 night pajama party at the shelter, and one night at the local Day's Inn. 32 GB Black Ipad with Wifi. 4 One-Day Disney Park Hopper Passes. Valued at $124. each. We have a bunch more prizes. If you'd like to see what you can win, you can go to this website:    It also has all the rules and regulations.

SNICKER: That's awesome!!! I can't wait to see who wins the trip to BCR and the pajama party! It's going to be so much fun! What about those of us who like to sleep au natural?

ALANA: Ha ha. You can sleep nude all you'd like Snicker, but I think every human attending should be wearing clothes! Can you imagine being naked and having Chester try to climb up your back? That would not be fun!

SNICKER: Great point! How much are the tickets?

ALANA:  Only $10 for each opportunity to win one of these great prizes!!

SNICKER: $10? Wow! That's cheap! Especially for all the really cool things you can win! Like the trip to BCR!!! How long is the contest running?

ALANA: The contest started at 12:01 a.m. EST 07/01/2013 and ends 11:59 p.m. EST 8/31/2013.

SNICKER: Oh! It ends on Jennifer's birthday! Random facts!

ALANA: Happy early birthday Jennifer!

SNICKER: How do I pay for a ticket?

ALANA: If you go to the link that I gave you, you will see where you can buy a ticket, all the rules and regulations, the date of the raffle, and all the great prizes. I'll give you the link again:

SNICKER: Thanks Mom ! I am super excited about this raffle and I know everyone else is as well! Thank you so much for explaining it to me! I can't wait to see who wins what! I appreciate you letting me interview you!

ALANA: Thank you Snicker! Bye everyone!