Monday, July 8, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Baron the Cat

SNICKER: Hey there everyone! Today we are going to be talking to one of our newer cats! BARON! Say hi Baron.

BARON: Hi Baron.

SNICKER: No, say hello to all the wonderful people who will be eager to read all about you!

BARON: Hi everyone!

SNICKER: So, Baron, tell me, where are you from?

BARON: I'm originally from Orlando, Florida.

SNICKER: Oh wow! Did you ever go to Disney World? SeaWorld? Magic Kingdom? Universal?

BARON: Nope. I'm a cat. I can't get into places like that! Silly! I wouldn't go to SeaWorld even if I could. I feel bad for all the big animals that live in the small cages. I wouldn't want to live in a cage all the time. I'm like a miniature tiger! I've got to be able to run and play and do crazy things! I can't do that in a tiny cage! 

SNICKER: Good point. I never thought of it like that! 

BARON: I do know that there is a raffle going on here at Blind Cat Rescue. I know that there is a very special prize .4 One-Day Disney Park Hopper Passes. Valued at $124. each. valid during normal operating hours & provide admission to the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios & Disney Animal Kingdom for one day. Cards valid for 18 months 1 ticket will be awarded the prize.
So, that means you can go to any Disney that you want! So, you could do what I couldn't as a cat and go have a great time!!!

SNICKER: Oh yeah! I forgot all about that prize! So, how did you get to BCR?

BARON: I came from Orlando like I said. My owners had too many cats. A rescuer came to help find all of us a home. A few weeks earlier we found out my brother was felv+ and he was put down. 

SNICKER: Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that!

BARON: It's okay. 

SNICKER: So what happened next?

BARON: I got sick. They took me to the vet... and BOOM! I had felv as well!

SNICKER: Oh no! What happened?

BARON: They didn't want to have to put me down, so someone got in contact with BCR and I ended up at a vets office with Ms. Diane! All I had to do was wait for someone to take me to BCR.

SNICKER: Oh cool! You got to meet Ms. Diane? Is she as cool as I hear she is?

BARON: She's even cooler than that! 

SNICKER: Awesome. Ha Ha. I hear she'll be here for a visit at the end of the month. Are you excited to see her again?

BARON: Most definitely. 

SNICKER: So how did you get from Florida to North Carolina?

BARON: This lovely woman named Joan, and her equally lovely husband Jim were in Florida on a vacation I believe, and they agreed to bring us (Myself, Jager, & Smudge) here to BCR. 

SNICKER: Ohh! I know Joan! She's such a sweet woman! 

BARON: Yes, very sweet. 

SNICKER: Do you like your new name?

BARON: I absolutely love my new name. I've met the kind man I'm named after. He's full of love and kindness. He sat with me and bonded with me. I can't think of anyone I'd rather be named after. 

SNICKER: Oh yes, we here at BCR absolutely adore Bill. He's an angel from above and you can tell that he's truly a great man. We love you Bill!!!!! How do you like it here?

BARON: I love it. I have great food and great friends and lots of love. What more could a guy ask for?

SNICKER: Ha ha ha! Ain't that the truth! I'm glad you're so happy here. It seems like you're adjusting very well here. I know I'm speaking for everyone when I say welcome to Blind Cat Rescue!

BARON: Thanks Snicker! Well, it's about time for my 3rd cat nap for the day, so I'm going to have to get out of here. Thank you so much for having me on your show. I truly appreciate it!

SNICKER: Bye Baron!