Monday, May 19, 2014


This weekend was our open house.  Thank you so much to all that shared their time with the cats!  We appreciate your coming!!    Please forgive me if I have forgotten your name.  I have a migraine this morning and my brain is not working at all.

Debbie & Marge

Ginny & Felix 

Debbie & Yoshi

Dee being doubled team by Candy & Mickey

Dee being seriously multi teamed 

Ginny & Snicker

Matthew & Chester

Sandy & Greta

Bill & Pixie

Sandy & Bear

Kelly & Boone

Cassie & Snicker

Glen & Casey

Sandy & Hermes

Joan & Treasure

Joan & Tiffany

We are LIVE today on Ustream   Tours at noon, 3 & 10 pm EST   Chat at 6 pm and boxes at 6:30 pm EST   We are in the FELV+ room today  Hope you join us!!

Live streaming video by Ustream