Thursday, May 8, 2014



Felix came to us from another rescue that took him in from someone that found him.  His story is very long and you may read it on his webpage

He is a super sweet fellow who is know for bathing you with sneezes.  He only has one nostril from being hit by a car.  He is very friendly, and never turns down a lap.

You may watch him today LIVE on

Felix and Lorraine

Felix and Lisa

Felix and Ed

Felix and Pat

Felix and Seth

Felix and Joan

Thank you for the boxes from our Amazon wish list!!

Thank you to the kind unnamed people for all the freshsteps, toys and foods!
Thank you Linda Whitenack for the scratch and rest, toys and balls!
Thank you Mary Ann Smale for the toys and tent!
Thank you Arnel Cortez for the laundry soap, toy bag and stinkies!
Thank you Gail Mitchell for the airconditioner!

Thank you Nicole Ribis for the litters!
Thank you Mary Jo Humphrey for the toys!
Thank you Patricia Chuhta for the gain and floor cleaner!
Thank you Karla Saladino for the toys, swiffer, batteries and Q-tips!
Thank you Desiree Berg for the trashbags and cat tent!

Thank you Chantal de Maudave for the trashbags, toys and food!
Thank you Sean Ansbro for the laundry soap and toys!
Thank you Miles Tabbington for the chocolate covered strawberries!
Thank you Joseph Zielinski for the floor cleaner, food, Q-tips, toys and playcube!
Thank you Jennifer Hansen for the trashbags and sponges
Thank you Donald Graves for the scratch and rest, food, and toys
Thank you Robert Duarte for all the toys!
Thank you Kelly McNulty for the wiffl balls!

Thank you so much for the amazing kindness of everyone that donated to help get Robin a new computer system.  She will be able to continue providing the wonderful pictures and calendars for you :)  We are blown away at how kind all of you are!!