Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Popcorn is a very lucky lady to be alive. 

A lady was driving down a country road and saw, what she thought, a dead cat laying in the middle of the road.  To her horror as she started to drive past, the cat raised its head.  Bless her,  she stopped and took the cat to her house.  She said it did not appear to have been hit but was obviously blind (the cat has no eyes at all)  the next day she realized she was in over head and made some phone calls.  One of them to us.

Popcorn was a mess.  She had no eyes,  infected sockets. She had a weird tumor growing in her ear, she was not spayed, had a bum food (turns in real strange but appears to be a very old injury) and covered with fleas.

We bathed her, dewormed her, started her on antibiotics and the next day took her to the vet (it was Sunday when she came in,  she was eating and did not appear to be in immediate danger)   Her blood work showed she was very anemic and had hemobart.  No surprise, she was covered with fleas when she came in.

A month later, she was finally spayed,  growth removed from her ear and her eye sockets sutured closed.

When Popcorn came in she had 4 legs.  She really disliked Nicky and would chase him across the shelves to beat him up,  including the upper ones.  She miss judged and fell and broke her leg.  The vet repaired it and put in a bone plate.   A few months later, she was chasing Nicky to beat him up and fell again and broke her leg above the bone plate.  This time there was no repairing the break.  The ortho vet felt it would be best to remove the leg.  X-rays showed that her bone had not regrown with the bone plate and where this break was, casting it was basically impossible.   That is why Popcorn has 3 legs.

She has also had several surgeries to remove the polyp  from her ear.  The last time it was done  as major surgery and one of the side effects was that she is now vestibuler.  That is why she has the tilted head. 

Even with all of that,  she is a sweet cat.  She has stopped chasing Nicky across the shelves,  she waits and beats on him on the ground  :)

After eye surgery

After having her leg removed

Just hanging out

Enjoying a fluffy bed

See the head tilt

RIP Katerina

Sadly the decision was made to kiss
Katerina goodbye and send her back
to her maker.  Cancer always wins
in the end.

We were blessed to have her in our
lives for 6 months.

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