Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Ray is a big fluffy cat from Kuwait City, Kuwait. 

 In 2008 We were contacted by a US contractor working in Kuwait about 2 blind cats in the animal shelter in Kuwait.  American service personnel and contractor often volunteer at the shelter and that is how she knew of Ray and his brother Sylvester.  (Sylvester has since passed away  ) The contractor was coming home for Christmas and flew them back with her, rented a car and drove from Chicago to bring them to us!

His paperwork is really interesting,  we have it in English and in Arabic.  
He loves to be brushed.   He sprays like crazy.
You can watch him live on   every Wednesday.

Ray in 2009

Ray April 4th

Ray With Sybil
Ray with his sponsor Brian

Thank you for the wonderful gifts from our Amazon Wish list!

Thank you unnamed for the shark bed, food,  cases of paper towels, and toys!
Thank you Donna Dorado for the dawn and cleaner!
Thank you Miles Tabbington for the Godiva chocolates!!

Thank you Mary Didia for the sponge!
Thank you Richard Amey for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Nancy Bissell for the toys and Shark Steam Mop!

Sterling is helping hold the paperwork together

Thank you Robin Vroman for the sponges!
Thank you Maryann Pate for the toy!
Thank you Peter Ruggiero for the food!
Thank you Andrewa Evens for the catnip toys!
Thank you Stephanie Mattesich for the toys and cat tunnels!
Thank you Rachel Wagner for the freshstep!
Thank you Amanda Pierce for the food, Q-tips and tunnel chute!
Thank you Rebecca Barbour for the food!
Thank you Karla Saladino for the freshstep!

Scotty is typing his thanks!