Sunday, May 11, 2014



Sweet Major came to us from a Spay clinic.  A "rescue" had pulled him from local animal control and had taken him to be neutered.  While there he tested positive for FIV.  The "rescue" said euthanize him and refused to take him back. (this happens more often than you realize, when they say they are a no-kill,  they mean they do not kill animals they consider adoptable.  If the animal is FIV or FELV+ or sick, they kill them because they do not consider them adoptable.)    Luckily for Major,  he had already woke up and the showed what an amazingly friendly cat he is.  They just couldn't kill him.   They talked to the others that came in that day and no one would take him.    They took him to animal control and begged them to find a place for him because he was the sweetest cat they had ever met.     How could we say no?    You may read more of his story and see more pictures on his page
and watch him LIVE on on Sunday's.

A video of Major a few weeks after he arrived

Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

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Thank you Susan for the catnip toys and regular toys!
Thank you Brent Cormier for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the toys, freshsteps, and toilet paper!
Thank you Anita Heermann for the utility bucket!
Thank you Matthew Lewis for the batteries, under cover mouse and trash bags!

Thank you Elizabeth Bunce for the privacy tent!
Thank you Maria Derrick for the swiffer, batteries, trashbags and Q-tips!
Thank you Koren Wheatley for the scratch and rest!
Thank you Lisa Kashish for the toilet paper!
Thank you Hayley Noakes for the squirrel baffler and toy!
Thank you Chris Lampe for all the toys and food!