Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The cats ask you to please buy 1 ticket 

WE will jump for YOU!  You do not have to You do NOT have to be there or jump! Please email me that you bought ticket: If you are out of state, out of country, scared of heights, YOU can still help the cats win!! Please consider helping team Raleigh Rock the money! Please LIKE & Share

If you are in the Tampa area and would like to Jump for the cats,  here is the Link for team Tampa

Thank you so much for the boxes from our Amazon wish list!

Thank you Debbie Buchanan for the Giuseppe Cave!
Thank you Karen Duffy for the toys!
Thank you Meghan Rader for the toy

Thank you Debbie for the food, litter and cleaner!

Thank you Linda Nichols for the food and cat litter!
Thank you Maggie Riegel for the food and toy!
Thank you Stefanie Wolicki for the foods and toy!
Thank you Edward Nagel for the food and bird feeder!

Ray with a scratch and rest

Thank you Cliff Meek for the food!
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Thank you Traci Hulsey for the bird feeder!
Thank you Bonnie Davis for the cat litter!

Oreo loves the banana beds!

Thank you unnamed for the trashbags, cat litter, carriers, toys, big banana bed and for the Petfusion scratcher!

Jamie loves the petfusions!

Thank you for the gifts from our wishlist

Thank you Tara McArdle for the clavamox, freshstep, bleach, and bleach clean up!
Thank you Steven Robinson for the brick of vaccines!
Thank you Maribeth James for the freshsteps, cloroxs clean ups and bleaches!
Thank you Ciaramello for the dry food!
Thank you Shanon Orrock for the bleach and Clavamox!

2012  Honey was brought into the Dillon, SC, Animal Control Center when she was a kitten.  She was adopted to a home that did not want a cat in the house so they put her outside.  She was hit by a car that caused her blindness. They spent a lot on vet care to save her.

A few months later they returned her to the pound stating their child was allergic.  The pound felt this family did not want an inside cat and since she was blind they could not leave her outside.
To keep Honey safe, she was taken into the BCR family. Honey fits her namesake and is a honey of a sweet cat. She has beautiful colors and her fur is as soft as silk. Honey loves visiting during Open House events.

This is a video of her when she first arrived.

Honey has one toy that she absolutely loves – one where a mouse peeks out and goes back in. You can watch her playing Thursday on the BCR webcam!