Friday, March 28, 2014


Good morning!  Supposed to be 70 today!!

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Penny is Blind Cat Rescue’s only blind and deaf cat!
One day Penny showed up on the front porch of a home in the mountains and wouldn’t leave. She lived at that home for about a year while the lady who lived there tried to find a home for Penny. Sadly, no one wanted her!
As with many BCR cats, it takes a village to save them. Sometimes, the village may have only one person who makes a difference in the cat’s life. The lady’s friend contacted BCR about taking Penny. And the rest is history!

Penny is all white with light green eyes. Although, she lives in a dark and silent world, Penny loves to play and is extremely fond of being on the highest perch in the room!

Penny has a beautiful purr when you pet her. Approaching her is different from the other cats since she cannot hear you call her name. We tap on the climber shelf that she is laying on and let her sniff our hand so she knows we are not another cat. She will push her head into your hand for you to pet her. If you watch Penny playing, you know in your heart she is very happy to be at BCR!

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