Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Good morning,  33 and rainy....Yuck!   Supposed to make it to 50 today.

Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Thank you Joyce Karen Godbey for the senior litter, food and floor cleaner!
Thank you Michele Dwyer for the pet carrier!
Thank you Wand Beers for the foods!
Thank you Tere Goodwin for the litter, undercover mouse & catnip toys!

Gina waiting for us to start opening the boxes
 Thank you Lynda Duckworth for the carrier!
Thank you Samantha Worgull for the pet carrier!
Thank you Colinda Messerschmidt for the foods and treats!
Thank you Warren Connors for the food!

Morris checking out the comb

Sadly, they often do not tell us who you are  :(    Thank you so much for your generosity & kindness!

Thank you unnamed for the dishwashing soaps, laminating pouches, denamarin, wall cleaner & blanket!
Thank you unnamed for the cat litter!
Thank you unnamed for the 4 cases of food!

Morris waiting for boxes to be opened

There are no boxes tonight.

by Jill Anne Sparapany

Gina came to us in 2011.

Gina shows how much it takes a village to save a life. She was posted in a Facebook group that shares daily all the cats sitting in the NYC Animal Control facilities that will be euthanized the next day. Someone saw her and immediately posted it to us. We posted it to our Facebook page asking for someone to step up and give her a home.

Her pound picture

No one was willing to give her a home so we agreed to take her. We told them someone in NYC would have to get her and help transport her to us. An amazing lady named Giovanna called us to make sure we would take her and headed to the pound to get her. A wonderful man named Steven had posted that if someone got her to Washington DC, he would drive her the rest of the way to BCR. Giovanna went to the pound and got her, kept her over night, rented a car, drove from NYC to DC handing her off to Steven. Steven drove her the last 5 hours to her new home at BCR. She owes her life to them!

This little lady was 9 years old and in pretty rough shape. She had never been spayed! The people who dumped her stated on the intake form that they had only had her for one year. Even though she almost died, dumping her at the pound ultimately was the best thing that ever happened to her. 

Day after surgery.  Eyes done, cysts removed, rotted teeth removed & spayed

We  got her spayed and she had two huge uterine cysts that were removed. Both of her eyes were also removed. She had no sight , one eye had completely collapsed and the other was hard as a rock from glaucoma. That had to be causing her considerable pain! She had several rotted teeth, one with roots showing and had a much needed dental cleaning. This poor little lady had to be in so much pain! After surgery and her dental, Gina returned home, with good pain meds and a couple of antibiotics and recovered nicely. 

Snuggles with Ginny

She is very, very sweet considering everything that had happened to her. Gina is so grateful to be safe and loves sitting in laps.

Smiling in a lap :)

 Gina also loves all the loving attention at Open House!

Giving kisses to a visitor
More snuggles

Smiling at her new life.

I think she says this life is so much better than the previous 9 years she had.
She is a super sweet loving lady.

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