Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Please help the blind cats win the prize! If you would buy JUST ONE ticket, it is only $15. 


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Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon Wish list!

We are very grateful to your for your generosity and kindness!
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Pretty Joey

Thank you Debbie Buchanan for the Trixie Cave!
Thank you Victor Sosa for all the cleaners!
Thank you Carsten Ullrich for the food and trashbags!
Thank you Millie Agrawal for the foods, and catnip!

Katherina likes to ride in her red convertible

Thank you Al Morales for the catnip!
Thank you Kay Kimer for the cleaners and trashbags!
Thank you Jane Farrell for the food!
Thank you Stefanie Wolicki for the food!

Sheila loves Scratch and Rest

Thank you Megan Watkiss for the food!
Thank you Eva Black for the cat litter!
Thank you Gloreen Heft for the scratcher!
Thank you David Nikielski for the loop toys!

Baron hanging out on boxes

Thank you Isadora Moustata for the toys!
Thank you Alison Green for the toys!
Thank you Luca Lanini for the rainbow toy!
Thank you David Nikielski for the food!

The twins, Domino and Checker hanging out on boxes
Sadly Amazon did not tell us who you are but thank you so much for your kindness

Thank you unnamed for the food!
Thank you unnamed for the Gain!
Thank you unnamed for the Eraser pads
Thank you unnamed for the toys!
Thank you unnamed for the litter!

Tabby Cats
By Jill Anne Sparapany

Cats are very unique animals and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tabby cats, in particular, are very popular in American households. Some people believe the tabby is a specific breed, but the name "tabby" only refers to the pattern of the coat.

Tabby is the most common cat coat pattern. They share the same colors as solid color cats – the only difference is their stripes, called tabby markings. The patterns are more distinct on shorthaired cats than the longhaired ones. The color range includes cream, brown, red, blue and silver. They may also have combinations of these colors – red/brown and blue/brown.
Felines with the tabby pattern have thin lines around their face and the distinctive "M" shape on their foreheads. Common features are a white chin and the white around their eyes is called ‘eyeliner’. The white spot on their chest is called a ‘locket’.
The silver tabby is the only tabby that does not also come in solid. Silver is a variation of black that is only seen in tabbies. Within each of the tabby colors, there is a wide range of differences. Some reds have a deep, mahogany color while others are very light. Blues can have a very light, powdery blue shade or be almost a navy blue.

Many cats may not show the tabby patterns in all of their coats, but only in portions of their coats.

Here is a bit about the five different types of tabbies:

Classic – A classic tabby has wide swirled or bulls-eye patterns around its sides. Often, they have broad stripes running down the middle of their back.

Paul has wide swirls on his sides and back

Ticked – Sometimes called an Abyssinian tabby, this patterned cat doesn't have the signature stripes on its body but each hair is ticked – having bands of color on it. Some have the stripes on their legs and face, called ‘bars’. The “M” face marking distinguishes this cat as a tabby.

Molly's ticked pattern and bars on her legs

Spotted – This tabby has spot-like markings all over its coat. Sometimes the spots are large, other times they are small.

Taffey has the tabby spotted pattern

Patched – The patched tabby often has red and brown patches around its coat and sometimes is referred to as a "tortie”, which is short for tortoiseshell. Torties combine two solid colors – red and black – and the majority of torties are female. The primary color on torties is black and the amount of red can vary.

Every tortie has its own unique color pattern. Torties have been called Mother Nature's idea of abstract art. 

Great is a beautiful tortie

Shelly is a red and black tort

Mackerel – The most common tabby pattern is named after the fish! This type of tabby has thin parallel vertical stripes running down its sides. Some people also refer to mackerel tabbies as "the guys in the pinstripe suits". They are also nicknamed the "tiger cat" because of the vertical stripes on their sides.

Rudy in his handsome pin stripes