Saturday, September 6, 2014


The cats absolutely love catnip toys,  one of their favorites are the rainbows.   If you watch on Ustream,  you will see the human really likes them too!  They are super well made, still strong smelling even after being washed.   You can get them for your cats at Amazon.

Toy approved by Smudge :)

I'm Willing to Bet That Your Cat Hates Her Litter Box -- Here's Why: Too many litter boxes ignore the needs of the cat. Here's what's wrong with them, and how to find the perfect box.  Read More:

Thank you so much for the gifts from our wish lists!


Amazon never gives us your contact info,  (often they do not put in a packing slip or give us your name)  Please accept our apology for not personally contacting you!  We are very grateful to you for your gifts.  Without you,  there would not be us :)

These were opened over several days

Candice Smith thank you for the cat toys
Glenda Garcia thank you for the scratch and rest, cat toys and I can see clear now
Jacqueline C Hjelm thank you for thecat food
Jennifer Hatch thank you for the food, cat toys and q-tips swabs
Judith M Alves thank you for the motion toy, cat treats, trash bags and cat toys
Karen Croft thank you for the cat treats and cat toys
Kathleen C Clements thank you for the cat toys, floor cleaner and replacement cleaning pads
Lisa Harenski thank you for the cat toy, scent booster and laundry detergent
Lori Mastrangelo thank you for the rainbow cat toy
Lynda Orchard thank you for the cat toy and cat food pouches

Mark Sandells thank you for the cat toys 
Patricia de la Bretonne thank you for the replacement cleaning pads and senior litter
Tara Westover thank you for the cat toys
Trisha Hisch thank you for the cat treats, pet odor cleaner and cat food pouches
Unknown thank you for the Crinkle ring cat toys
Unknown thank you for the Crinkle ring cat toys
Unkown thank you for the best feline cat food
Yashita Arora thank you for the wobble and scratch toy

 Cookbooks are still available!!   Would make great presents
 for the cook in your family :)

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