Tuesday, September 30, 2014


                                                      WHY CATS NEED TO SCRATCH

Every cat owner, no matter what type of cat it is, needs to have something for it to sharpen its claws on, said Mellen. "When you furnish your living room, you start with a couch. Similarly, for cats, a log to scratch on is the basic piece of furniture you always include."

Read more here: http://www.catchannel.com/behavior/scratching/article_15541.aspx


Raffle is coming Tomorrow !!  Lots of great prizes!!    Grand prize is a trip to BCR :)
Below are just a couple of the prizes to wet your whistle.  Raffle starts on October 1, ends on 11/13 and the tickets will be drawn during open house on 11/15.   Tickets are only $10 :)  Her is the link: http://blindcatrescue.com/raffle.htm
                                   Thank you so much for your gifts from our Amazon Wish list!

We are so grateful to you for your support!
Amazon never gives us your contact information,
often then do not even give us packing slips so 
we often have no idea who the kind person was
that sent the gift but please know how grateful we are to you

for your kindness!

This is from several days.

Thank you Barbara Murray for the trash bag, catnip, towels, cat food and dish soap!
Thank you Barbara Kizer for the catnip!
Thank you Carol Tillery for the cat food and nose spray!
Thank you Carole Davenport and family for the Amazon gift card in donation of Carol!
Thank you Doreen Colonello for the handmade cat toys!
Thank you Gloria Chandler for the cat food and cat toys!
Thank you Hazel K Wright for the toys!
Thank you Kaci, Josh and Liam Lecheler for the blankets!
Thank you Lars-Erik Sutton for the cat food!
Thank you Linda West for the Fel-o-vaccines!

Thank you Mary McGovern for the Amazon gift card!
Thank you Michelle Kucinich-Karsnak for the catnip toys!
Thank you Niki Nicosia for the treats!
Thank you Susan Gonzalez for the walmart gift card!
Thank you Victoria Eason for the cat food!
Thank you Unknown for the tiki cat puka puka cat food!

LOTS OF CONTESTS! We Hope you will vote for the blind cats!

1. Help us catify the shelter, 1 vote every 3 hours! http://www.tarcherbooks.net/catify-2/
Please put Blind Cat Rescue ST Pauls NC in the comment section 
of the post pinned at the top of their page 
One vote every 24 hours. 

Thank you for helping!!