Friday, September 19, 2014


5 Weird Smells My Cats Are Crazy About

I like the aromas of flowers and freshly baked apple pie. My cats prefer wet swimsuits and freshly worn shoes.
Cats can be little weirdos, at least in the eyes of us humans. They are entertaining, though -- there's no doubt about that! We love watching the little things they do, especially when they don't know we got our eyes on them. We always wonder what they're thinking, and what drives them to do certain things. We know a lot of it is because they're cats and it's instinctive, but I still like to imagine they're thinking human thoughts, because that's way more entertaining to me.
We love it when they totally get off on certain smells -- ones that we never care to whiff. Here are five of them:

1. Invisible spots on the carpet, blanket or bed

You know when cats start sniffing a certain spot and then do that open-mouthed breathing? And you look and don't see a single thing? Of course there's something there that only they can sense, but it's funny watching them go nuts on what looks like an invisible spot. 

2. Hair

We have several cats that like to smell and chew on my hair, especially when it's wet. We can only assume he/she likes my hair product, or that he's/she's grooming us. Sometimes we do need grooming, so it's probably a good thing he's/she's jumping in there and doing something about it. You can hear the sniffing sounds as he/she takes in the hair that's close to the ear. Maybe it's his/her way of telling he/she wants to go to beauty school.

3. Wet swimsuits and wet cloths

They go nuts for the wet swimsuits/cloths, blankets, and we know it's the chlorine/detergent/human scent. If the suits/cloths, toys are on the floor, they'll even roll around on them. 

4. My breath

Occasionally when we are holding a cat, you breathe in their face and they lean in and curiously sniff. They're probably trying to piece together what we last ate. And we bet they're also kinda jealous if we ate something like chicken or tuna. They wish they could absorb the smells and enjoy the meal through us. 

5. Shoes

Cats enjoy a nice stinky shoe, don't they? We have even seen photos of cats asleep with their face buried inside a well-worn shoe. We would never, ever place our nose anywhere near a smelly shoe, especially one from a teenage boy. Teenage-boy stink must be a delicacy.

We really hope you all enjoyed the 5 weird smells that cats enjoy!!!

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