Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Manxi is a senior cat whose family dropped her off at the Dallas Animal Control.  Manxi was very lucky that there was a great group of volunteers that wanted to save her and raised the money to fly her to us.

I knew as soon as I saw her that she was a hypertension cat.  Our vet checked her blood pressure and I was very correct.  She was started on blood pressure medicine.   

The sad thing for Manxi is if her family had bothered taking her to the vet when they noticed she had become blind her sight might have been saved.   Often, if hypertension blind is caught quickly, medication will reverse it.  So,  if your cat suddenly goes blind, rush to the vet and insist that they check their blood pressure.  Vets do not do that normally,  you have to insist.  Kind of silly isn't it?  We go to the doctor and that is the first thing they check on a human.  Vets do not check it normally unless you ask for it.  

She was named Manxi because she is a Manx breed of a cat.  She does not have a tail   She is not overly fond of other cats but is doing better with them.

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