Saturday, May 10, 2014



Today's kitty is Mickey.  He is one of the Saturday crazy kitty room!  Mickey is known to be one of our worst door runners.... we should have named him Houdini.  You open the door,  he runs it to play in the lobby.  He also loves to sit on peoples necks and heads.

Mickey came to us as a very very sick kitten that someone left in a drop cage on a very cold wet night outside of a local shelter.  The shelter said when she saw him she first thought he was dead, except he got up and walked over and meowed to her.  She saw he was so sick but any one with that strong of a will to live deserved a chance and so she called us.  I picked him up a few hours later (she waved the 3 day hold, she knew the owners were not looking for this poor kitty)  He was a mess,  had a horrible upper respiratory infection that taken his eyes and almost his life.  We got him on antibiotics and began syringe feeding him.  This little guy was friendly as heck and wanted to live.

He is  now approx 3 years old.  You may see more pictures of him on his page

A few days after he arrived

Healthy now but before getting his eyes done (note Autumn in the background)

Mickey & Robin

Mickey and Cassie

Mickey on a visitors back

A cute video of Mickey as a kitten,  you will also see Autumn and Richey and the late Gizmo as babies playing with him.  Hope you enjoy :)

Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon Wish list!!

Thank you Lisa Bissell for the toys, trashbags, batteries, squirell baffler, 
undercover mouse, water pitcher and food!
Thank you Joan for all the neckerchiefs!
Thank you Karla for the magic erasers!
Thank you Chris Lampe for the ear cleaner!
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Thank you Tonya Phipps for the ear cleaner!
Thank you Anita Heermann for the toys!
Thank you Sasha Aronson for the food!
Thank you Rosann Tucci for all the utility buckets!
Thank you Karla Saladino for the toys!
Thank you Renee martin for the 8 bottles of cleaners and sponges!