Thursday, May 15, 2014



Chester came to us in 2007 as a sick little fellow from some people who had found him and could not afford to care for him.  His eyes were bulging and he obviously needed medical care.   He is nicknamed  Chester the pester  because he loves to climb on top of your back, head or any other part he can.

after surgery

snuggling with a visitor

messing with Jennifer's hair

Poor visitor with Chester on his shoulder

Another back to climb

betting diane's hair

Nose bites :)

A video showing you his chasing skills

Thank you for all the gifts from our Amazon wish list!!

Thank you Jennifer Wegis for the turbo scratcher!
Thank you Brenda Jimenez for the freshstep!
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Thank you Melisa Iacovone for the food!
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Thank you Connie Godwin for the all the toys!!
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Thank you Karin Burns for the foods, TP, freshstep and toys!
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Thank you Patty for the water pitcher, undercover mouse & toys!
Thank you Lela Bibbee for the squirrel bafflers and foods!