Thursday, May 1, 2014



Today's cat is OREO,   (Nicknamed by Alana Oreo Uh Oh)

Oreo came to BCR in 2009 from a hoarding situation in Pennsylvania.  The wonderful rescue group in Pennsylvania that was dealing with the situation had volunteers drive him 8 hours to us.
He was a mess when he arrived  (as you would expect coming from a hoarder)  We got his eyes taken care,  neutered and a much needed dental and shots.

He is a friendly little fellow who can be silly :)

You may see more pictures of him on his page

He is LIVE on Ustream on Thursdays :)

Thank you for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!

Thank you Melissa Byrd for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Josh Ganney for the cleaner!
Thank you Heather Dougherty for the food, trashbags, scratch and rest and toys!
Thank you Roy Davis & Phoebe for the toys and replacement pads!

Thank you Zoe Lucy for the fish bed!
Thank you Lisa Nowak for the foods!
Thank you Brandon Hartford for the catnip toys!
Thank you Eileen McClure for the toys!
Thank you Donna Stevens for the toys!

Thank you Rachel Porter for the foods and trashbags!
Thank you Lisa Kramer for the cat litter!
Thank you Jody Simmons for the foods and toys!
Thank you Amy Klingler for the ear cleaner!
Thank you unnamed for the utility bucket, lingerie bags (for washing toys) food, and toys!

Thank you Liz Perez for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Elizabeth Graves for the Amazon Gift Card!
Thank you Thomas Lehner for the vaccines!
Thank you Lisa Schmitt for the shots, flea treatment and antibiotics!
Thank you Kate Pierschbacher for the Amazon gift card!