Friday, January 30, 2015


Good morning,  I know many of you know I spent my day in Raleigh yesterday with Felix and Jake.. so I will start with a cat update


When we took Felix for his regular checkup she had some concerns and did an x-ray of his head.   Based on her concerns she had us take him to Raleigh for further tests.  

At Raleigh he received a CT scan of his head and s-rays of his chest.  Here is straight from the report: "His CT revealed significant abnormalities in both his right and left nasal passages.  Given its appearance, we feel that Felix likely has a cancerous process; however, the exact diagnosis will be determined based on the results of his nasal mass biopsies and culture that were taken during this procedure.  Treatment options will be discussed with you in more detail once his biopsy results are complete.  This typically takes 3-5 business days.  The chest x-rays showed evidence of mild bronchial changes consistent with asthma and possible mild cardiomegaly,  no masses appreciated.

So  $2116.50 later we think he may have a cancerous growth but won't know until next week for sure.


Last time Jake went they found "He either has Inflammatory bowel disease or small cell intestinal lymphoma. "  The blood test were not conclusive enough to give us an answer so he went in today for an endoscopy and GI biopsies.  Unfortunately he started an upper respiratory infection and they felt was not safe to put under anesthesia.  His blood work showed that his kidney values have progressed (kidney disease) and he also had a kidney infection  (which boggles my mind considering the amount of antibiotics he was on before)  So right now he is on antibiotics and they want to see him back in 4-6 weeks to try again.  His chest x-rays did not show any signs of pneumonia.  $518.50  later..

Project Big Fix

We are committed to spay/neutering 1500 cats in 2015.

In 2014 we started this program in November and spayed/neutered 142 cats preventing hundreds of innocent homeless babies being born this spring.  With your help,  we can help more cats. 

after 10 years,  this figure is in the hundreds of thousands.  

Cats entering traditional animal control facilities have only 3 possible outcomes,
being adopted, reunited with an owner or killed.  Feral cats are not socialized to humans and have no owners to claim them,  for them, 99.9% of the time, the only outcome for them is death.  

These animals are the most significant populations facing animal control facilities today. 

The act of spaying/neutering will have a great impact on improving individual cats lives.  No more having 2-3 litters of babies per year!  In a female cats
productive years,  she could have up to 100 kittens!!

Please help us make a huge difference in their lives,  Please help us be part of the solution and not the problem.  Please make a donation today to help us help them.
Be a part of improving the future for these cats :)

Thank you so much for your generous gifts from our wishlist!!

Amazon never gives us your contact info,  they occasionally do not even give us
packing slips,  please know how grateful we are to you for your generosity!!

Thank you not named for the cases of food, bags of dry food, crinkle balls and laundry soap!
Thank you Linda Cardn for all the lotions for the staff!  We will have the softest hands! :)
Thank you Louise Weides for the food!
Thank you Lettie Mullen for the toys and motion toy!
Thank you Scott Rusoff for the foods!

Thank you Samantha Resilavage for the toys!
Thank you Carilyn Lopez for the freshstep!
Thank you Caroline Biggs for the freshstep and food!
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Thank you Aimee Pearson Hall for the clavamox and litter!

We WILL be opening boxes tonight LIVE on    6 pm for chat and 6:30 EST for boxes.

Do you try to watch us on Roku?  As you know this last week or so our Roku channel has been down alot... The problem is apparently does not like to play with others very well...  If the channel is down, you can still
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We are trying to find another way to broadcast on Roku.. We appreciate your patience :)

Do you like

Do you shop with Schwan's?  They have a charitable program that makes a donation to the cats each time you place an order with them...  You can find out details here: 

A cool auction being shared with the blind cats! you can get YOUR cat made into a cool portrait smile emoticon Check it out smile emoticon