Thursday, January 8, 2015


8 Intentional Ways To Socialize Your Kitten

Wanting a well-adjusted kitten that loves everyone and everything? They aren’t
 just born, they are made. Here are ways to help socialize your kitten so they grow
up to be a great cat citizen.

#1 – Kitten Party

Invite your friends over to play with your new kitten (I know, torture). Provide lots of
 toys and treats for them to interact with your new best friend. Take turns holding and
 playing with the cute bundle of fur, but keep the party short, you don’t want your kitten
to be “over” attention while people are still trying to play him.

#2 – Outings

For some reason, people think only dogs should go on outings. But your cat is going 
to have to go the vet during his life, and maybe a groomers or a boarding facility. What 
about if you want to travel with your cat? Get him used to car rides and his carrier early on. 

#3 – Harness Training

Teach your kitten to walk on a harness so you can take him on walks around the neighborhood. It’s a great way for him to safely explore the world.

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