Friday, January 9, 2015


Update on Joy 

The specialist ran $2500 worth of x-rays, blood, ultrasounds on the cats.  We got home at 7:15 last night.

Joy:  blood work is devastating.  Hematocrit is 17.  You do transfusions at 15.  She has non-regenerative progressive anemia.  It means her bone marrow is no longer working.
Her abdominal ultrasound shows  enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, They did an abdominal tap and the fluid's high protein content supports an FIP diagnosis.  FIP-PCR testing is being done to confirm.  The vet feels this is dry FIP verses wet FIP.
The interesting thing is her liver values have improved by 50%.  We have been giving her lots of milk thistle (10 capsules a day!) and that number actually is better..
Bottom line,  we are giving her steroids and interferon, vitamins, B-12 and keeping her comfortable until she tells us she is done.  She is actually eating on her own  (1/2 can this morning and 1/2 last night) She does not appear to be in any discomfort.


All in all his was not unexpected.  He either has Inflammatory bowel disease or small cell intestinal lymphoma. A GI Panel blood test was sent out to better evaluate levels.  They also feel that he has the start of kidney disease and is for lack of better way to put it,  pre-hyperthyroid.  We are going to wait for all the outside blood tests to come back to make decisions.  His ultrasounds showed intestinal layer thickening (we already knew that) shows that he is not having active pancretitis at this time.   We are going to continue steroids vitamins, and wait for blood tests to see if there is any thing else we need to be doing.  He is working like crazy trying to get the feeding tube out and is eating for the most part on his own.

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