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10 Ideas To Create More Living 

Spaces For Your Cat

Even if you live in a small, big city apartment, your kitty can still have a jungle to explore with these simple and creative ways to add more living space. Most you can probably do with things you already have laying around!

#1 – Hammock

Brenda Hattery shares a boat with her kitty, Beryl, which obviously limits space. She has found some creative ways to give her cat more places to call her own, including using fruit nets as kitty hammocks by placing them under chairs with a pillow.
Image source: @Shannon via Flickr

10 Ideas To Create More Living Spaces For Your Cat

#2 – Screens

Hattery also noticed that her kitty liked to “hide” behind curtains, so she added some fabric to her bookshelves to create a little enclaves for Beryl.
Image source: DIY Fabric Curtains, Skirts, & Covers

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