Sunday, July 20, 2014


Buddy is nibbling dry food but not eating enough to 
maintain his body weight so still tube feeding him some. 

Today's cat is Fred

Fred is both blind & FIV+.   He came to us from the local animal control
facility.  The day after he arrived he was running a 106 temperature
and had broken out with one heck of a bad upper respiratory infection.
Thank goodness for feeding tubes and antibiotics!
He has actually had 2 feeding tubes in his 3 years with us.
He is a super friendly fellow, loves sleeping with the other cats.

You may see Fred & his roommates today LIVE

Fred & Domino

Fred and the late Miracle

Thank you so much for the gifts from our Amazon wish list!
They never give us your contact information but please know how grateful we are to you for your generosity!

This long list is from several days of boxes.

Thank you Glenn Cooney for the foods and treats!
Thank you Linda Carden for the solar lights,  they are really cool!
Thank you Cheryl Fisher for the balls!
Thank you Dawn Molina for the foods!
Thank you Elizabeth Loftin for the swifter and scratch and rest!

Thank you Lucy Porter for the cat litter!
Thank you Carol Davenport for the toys and litter!
Thank you Paul Kurf for the trash bags!
Thank you Janice O'Connor for the catnip and banana toys!
Thank you Solveig Jensen for the food!!
Thank you Federica & Geb for the freshsteps and cleaner!

Thank you unnamed for the food, treats and food!!
Thank you unnamed for the banana bed!
Thank you unnamed for all the Facial Tissues and toilet paper!
Thank you Diana Aird for the scratch and rests and tunnel toy!
Thank you Gwen Hurt for the clavamoxs, freshstep and revolution!
Thank you Mary Kaskel for the trashbags, food, toys and feather wand!
Thank you Aradia for the statue!

Thank you Ronald Medwid for the catnip!
Thank yoU Gabriele Binz for the food!
Thank you Lisa MCCord for the food!
Thank you Sharon El_Saadi for the gain snake toy and treats!
Thank you Joe for the scratch and wobble!
Thank you Victor Sosa for the freshstep!
Thank you Wendy See for the toys and feather wand!
Thank you Jessica Jepsen for the catnip bananas!

Don't forget we are in LOTS of contests right now, 
The prize money would help pay for lots of vet coverage for the cats :)
Thank you so much for helping the cats!!

Contest 1:  $50,000!! first prize,
 1 vote every 24 hours

Contest 2,  $25,000  first prize

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Contest 3,  $1,000.  first prize

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