Friday, July 11, 2014


Do you like to run or jog?
Download the new FREE Resqwalk App for Iphones and 
pick the Blind Cats.  Every time you run, they 
will make a donation to the blind cats!

Here is the link for the app

Droid app will be released soon

There is a short video showing you the functions of the app

Please help the blind cats win $50,000!! 
Please vote for the cats to win,
 1 vote every 24 hours
Thank you so much for helping!!!

Congratulations to our winner of this weeks number 1 fan shirt!
Rylee Garrett

I am choosing not to post this picture on Facebook because I have noticed
a disturbing pattern of mean comments on the winner thread.  The winners
worked hard to win and they do not deserve the ugly comments.

I did go back and look at Rylee's posts because I know there will be questions 
because of how many she had...   She attempted to follow the spirit of the
rules although she did not execute them correctly.  She did put the persons name
that she was commenting to and what she had to say to them.  Some people
do not understand how to reply to and tag although she did not
do it correctly,  she did follow the rules in spirit and thus I am allowing her
win to stand.

This contest is supposed to be fun.  If I see the pattern of bad
sportsmanship continue, we will just discontinue it.  It is not
worth people getting hurt over it.   And contrary to the poem, sticks and stone, 
Folks,  words do hurt.