Friday, July 18, 2014


Julia and I played hooky yesterday and went to the Wilmington for the day.  I figured she needed to at least see more than the farm while she was in the US.  Thanks for letting me 
use your photos Julia!

Lock 1 on the Cape Fear River.  You can ride 130 miles down the river from
Fayetteville to the ocean by boat if you wanted to

Julia,  the waves were really strong

Lots of sea gulls,  the kids were throwing them popcorn

Snake at the aquarium 

at the aquarium

An albino alligator,  very rare 

We were able to actually pet the rays.

In the butterfly house,  it was so full of butterflies, really cool!

beautiful butterflies on the flowers

Turtles hanging out

A marker showing you storm surge height for some hurricanes.
The stick was 25 feet tall,  Really gives you a good idea how bad it can be.

On the river.  A huge boat coming under the bridge.  This bridge
lifts straight up by hydraulics instead of opening up in the middle.
Once the boat cleared, it lowers back down.  Bet the cars on the bridge were not happy,
it took about 10 minutes to clear under the bridge.

Tug boat,  Those boats are amazing how fast they can move

Pelican on the water.  Because the area that we were in is only 30 miles from the ocean it is also salt water
so there are actually dolphins and lots of pelicans.

A pictures of a house taken from the boat.
Wouldn't you like to have that view from your back door?

Buddy Report

Buddy is still not eating,  he still has a feeding tube.  He does not act like
he is in any pain.  If we do not see improvement by Monday he will go back to the vet

We WILL do boxes and chat tonight LIVE on
Chat at 6,  Boxes at 6:30 pm EST

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